The Temmering (The Gathering) Reply

The Warrior / Lover / Traveler coalesced as a glowing ember of awareness, with the least amount of form, barely alive as a separate entity, yet so fully alive as a calm of awareness, smiling silently unto her/himself upon arriving here.

S/he stood in the Northern Realms, at the edge of existence. Further North lay the formlessness of Infinity, filled with all manner of existence unimaginable, and a Love so immense that it was pregnant unto It-self. No, North is not the direction to go, realized the Traveler. Not now. Not any more.

The Traveler made note that upon looking to the North, s/he turned one’s head to the right. Previously, when the Division reigned supreme, and separation cast a dark pall across the land, one would have to turn one’s head to the left to witness Infinity as a separation. But not now, this time, everything was turned about completely. And so, upon gazing to the Right and seeing the edge of infinity there blended with What Is To Become Soon, s/he smiled again, recognizing that the effort made to bring the Immeasurable Beauty of the Mysteries down here to the denser realms was working. “Progress,” as many would say.

The Traveler turned south. And in so doing collected one’s attention onto this physical form, blending and melding in to an energetic tapestry that resembled the Human Form, first the “dream body” as some would say, floating above-ground in a gliding fashion.

And the Traveler went further South, fully forming as a physical body exactly as her/his feet touched the Earth. And She welcomed him with Her loving touch on foot soles. Into the human realm s/he walked south on a snow-covered road, approaching the construct of humanity: a building. But instead of going into that old trap, The Traveler walked on down the road. Down to an en-trance opening into a huge courtyard of sorts – no, a plaza. It was a plaza for the air and space there felt open and free.

Innumerable people were there, milling about in the crisp winter air. They were waiting, but were too restless to stand still, thus they walked about silently, searching. Tension, not malicious, but rather an intent filled with a sense of purpose. These many Travelers looked into one another’s eyes as they passed each other. Walking on, searching.

Then, as if a silent signal had been given, they began to walk in woven patterns in specific directions, passing each other effortlessly with perhaps the slightest brush of a shoulder, activating and co-activating each other, going exactly where they needed to go inside the plaza.

This was… The Temmering — the mythical mystical gathering.

And they began to collect into groups, groups of those meant to be together for some holy reason. These were the Monads (harmonic groups of people) the prophets had been speaking of for so long.

And as they assembled they walked and swirled among each other in flower-like patterns. Flower patterns, reflecting the Fractal Universe.

Love and Beauty abounds, now made manifest here in… form.

© 2012 – 2019 John Helios / Helios Journal™ – All Rights Reserved Worldwide – Duplication allowed only by crediting and linking to this source.

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