Personal Instruction Codes Reply

The horizontal “lines” placed in the red boxes mean that some folks here on Earth are starting to get more specific messages and instructions on what they’re supposed to be doing here. (Finally, huh!?)

The line in the top box is for one group tasked with similar work at a certain level, and the lines in the other box is for a different group collectively working together on another task set.

Now, these codes are somewhat fuzzy or covered over, and thus you may not understand the communication quite clearly, for 2 reasons:

  1. For your own protection, as the energy adjacent to the specific messages are meant as a distraction for the bad guys who have been tasked to keep an eye out for this kind of stuff, and thus they will try to mess you up and derail you when you receive the message. They might try to insert conflicting information along with the original message. But hopefully the adjacent distraction content will serve to derail them instead. This adjacent energy is kind of like a random static shield that protects the actual message for you; and also
  2. This messaging is more like a “precursor” message (see message from Broder Bilal) to warm you up for other messages that will be more clear later on.

Work in progress… K?

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