Patent Approved for Anti-Gravity Spacecraft using Mass Reduction & Non-Conventional Propulsion 17

Warning: This article presents information that sounds like it comes out of a high-tech Hollywood sci-fi production. I suggest you first view the patent filing linked here to verify its credibility before proceeding.

Because the patent was filed by the US Navy and is now under an “Active” status, this is the real deal. This is NOT a work of fiction.

The Short Story

The US government approved a patent for a spacecraft that uses anti-gravity (“repulsive gravity”), mass reduction and non-conventional (non-explosive combustion) propulsion. This form of propulsion possibly means no flames or explosions, but perhaps near-silent electromagnetic field propulsion.

The Long Story

As of this writing the US Patent and Trade Office (PTO) on or about July 10, 2019, has granted to the US Department of the Navy an “Active” status to item #US10144532B2. This patent is classified as B64G1/409 Unconventional Spacecraft Propulsion Systems“. 

The abstract for the patent states:

“A craft using an inertial mass reduction device comprises of an inner resonant cavity wall, an outer resonant cavity, and microwave emitters. The electrically charged outer resonant cavity wall and the electrically insulated inner resonant cavity wall form a resonant cavity. The microwave emitters create high frequency electromagnetic waves throughout the resonant cavity causing the resonant cavity to vibrate in an accelerated mode and create a local polarized vacuum outside the outer resonant cavity wall.” 

With regards to what is known as “anti-gravity” in the general public, the patent language uses the term “repulsive gravity” in the following context:

“It is possible to reduce the inertial mass and hence the gravitational mass, of a system/object in motion, by an abrupt perturbation of the non-linear background of local spacetime (the local vacuum energy state), equivalent to an accelerated excursion far from thermodynamic equilibrium (analogous with symmetry-breaking induced by abrupt changes of state/phase transitions). The physical mechanism which drives this diminution in inertial mass is based on the negative pressure (hence repulsive gravity) exhibited by the polarized local vacuum energy state (local vacuum polarization being achieved by a coupling of accelerated high frequency vibration with accelerated high frequency axial rotation of an electrically charged system/object) in the close proximity of the system/object in question.”

Disclaimer: While “repulsive gravity” used in the patent filing is not an exact match to “anti-gravity”, it is legitimately up to debate as to whether these are similar or wholly unlike concepts. Assuming gravity is a quantum field phenomenon (as mentioned later in this article), then it is entirely possible that the “repulsive gravity” discussed in the patent can be connoted to what is commonly known in public lingo as “anti-gravity”. Because much of the tone and wording in the patent filing sometimes speaks in theoretical terms, any portion is legitimately up to debate.

The Universal Quantum Field Connection

The content starts with background information striking a chord of a philosophical or existential nature:

“Everything that surrounds us, ourselves included, can be described as macroscopic collections of fluctuations, vibrations, and oscillations in quantum mechanical fields. Matter is confined energy, bound within fields, frozen in a quantum of time.”

Highly Intriguing Technologies

The patent content is of a highly technical nature, yet discusses some intriguing technologies not generally known to the public. Some of these concepts sound like they come from a high-tech Hollywood science fiction movie production.

Mass Reduction – There is mention of mass reduction, which builds the case that the spacecraft in question would be able to accelerate at incredible speeds:

“It is possible to reduce the inertial mass and hence the gravitational mass, of a system/object in motion, by an abrupt perturbation of the non-linear background of local spacetime (the local vacuum energy state)…Therefore it is possible to reduce a craft’s inertia, that is, its resistance to motion/acceleration by polarizing the vacuum in the close proximity of the moving craft…As a result, extreme speeds can be achieved.”

Classical Disk Shaped Craft – The patent also mentions a “disc configuration” without going into further detail. This may correlate to the classical “flying disc” shaped space phenomena of recent decades and UFO lore.

Reduced Field Resistance – Basically the statement below builds on background information provided early in the patent content, which asserts that there are four known fundamental forces (strong nuclear forces, weak nuclear forces, electromagnetic force, and gravitational force) that manifest in the form of fields that control matter. 

“Local polarization of the vacuum in the close proximity of a craft equipped with an HEEMFG (high energy electromagnetic field generator) system would have the effect of cohering the highly energetic and random quantum vacuum fields’ fluctuations, which virtually block the path of an accelerating craft, in such a manner that the resulting negative pressure of the polarized vacuum allows less labored motion through it…”

Faster-Than-Light Speeds – The discussion mentions the term “superluminal”, which by conventional dictionary definition means the spacecraft in question may possibly achieve faster-than-light travel.

“A recent paper, by the inventor, published in the International Journal of Space Science and Engineering (Pais, S. C., Vol. 3, No. 1, 2015) considers the conditional possibility of superluminal craft propulsion in a Special Relativity framework.”

The patent suggests this speed may be achieved through the previously mentioned mass reduction, termed here as “negative mass/negative energy density”.

“This involves the instantaneous removal of energy-mass from the system (craft) when the craft’s speed reaches (v=c/2). The author discusses the possibility of using exotic matter (negative mass/negative energy density) to bring about this effect…The artificial generation of gravity waves in the locality of the craft, can result in energy-mass removal…”

Flying through an Artificially Created “Void” – People who ride in cars and motorcycles, or pilots who fly aircraft, all know that as the speed of their vehicle increases, so too increases air resistance striking the front of the vehicle. One need merely to place their hand outside the window at speed and feel the resistance that the wind presents against one’s hand. With this in mind, we may also know that traveling at such high speeds consumes more fuel than at lower speeds. 

The patent’s language purports that air resistance may be significantly reduced or effectively cancelled altogether by artificially generating a vacuum inside which the vehicle travels. In effect this means the vehicle would not experience wind resistance, or at least not as much.

“…local vacuum polarization, namely the coherence of vacuum fluctuations within the immediate proximity of the craft’s surface (outside vacuum boundary) is achieved, allowing for ‘smooth sailing’ through the negative pressure (repulsive gravity) of the ‘void’ (the void within the vacuum). It may be stated that the void ‘sucks in’ the craft.”

By reducing or eliminating air drag, this means the spacecraft mentioned in the patent would not need to use any (or as much) fuel through a medium (such as the Earth’s atmosphere) for sustained travel.

Fantastic Question regarding the Artificially Created “Void”

The drag elimination concept posited in the “void” discussion above brings to mind an extremely interesting question.

We always assume a spacecraft can fly through the air and the near-vacuum of space. We assume air is made of matter and is subject to the “quantum vacuum fields” mentioned in the mass reduction section above. So if enough power is artificially generated, then would the spacecraft be able to fly through solid matter also? Fly through walls and mountains? 

What if we were to apply this same concept to another craft such a submarine, then would the submarine – now free of the extremes of water pressure and drag – be able to travel much faster than the lumbering speeds we see them traveling in Hollywood movies? 

Resembles a Previous Patent Filing for “Triangular Spacecraft”

Our now “Active” status US Navy patent seems to bear an uncanny resemblance to an “Abandoned” status patent filing from 2004, item #US20060145019A1 entitled “Triangular spacecraft” with the accompanying diagram.

(diagram accompanying the “Triangular spacecraft” patent filing.)

This older filing is summarized as:

“A spacecraft having a triangular hull with vertical electrostatic line charges on each corner that produce a horizontal electric field parallel to the sides of the hull. This field, interacting with a plane wave emitted by antennas on the side of the hull, generates a force per volume combining both lift and propulsion.”

The mention of “electrostatic line charges” seems to correspond to our US Navy’s filing (#US10144532B2) discussion here, with bolded emphasis below on the relevant content:

“An artificially generated high energy/high frequency electromagnetic field (such as the fields an HEEMFG can produce) can fulfill all three conditions simultaneously (especially in an accelerated vibration/rotation mode), when strongly interacting with the local vacuum energy state. These interactions are induced by the coupling of hyper-frequency axial rotation (spin) and hyper-frequency vibration (harmonic oscillations/abrupt pulsations) of electrically charged systems (high energy electromagnetic field generators), placed on the outside of the craft in strategic locations.”

While the terminology may not be the same, the concepts for both patent filings can theoretically be likened to one another. 

An Already Existing Triangular Spacecraft?

For many years already, there has been vigorous informal discussion online regarding a possibly already existing triangle-shaped TR3B “Black Manta” spacecraft. Some posit this was developed as a collaborative effort by some of the larger defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin and Douglas Aerospace.

Purported photo of the Black Mantra spacecraft
The TR3B Black Manta aka Astra

(Purported photo of the Black Manta spacecraft)

Upon doing a web search for phrase “TR3B black manta”, one sees plenty of active discussion on this spacecraft.

The New US Space Force? Disclosure of Advanced Technologies? 

Assuming special interest groups have long had the funding to develop such technologies, is the recent open and “Active” filing for the US Navy’s spacecraft here an incremental step for the disclosure to the general public of the existence of an already existing Space Force?


This article discusses only several of the many intriguing concepts the Navy patent filing offers. Certain terms seem not fully defined, and the accompanying graphic is likewise not fully explained. From the way the patent language has been constructed, it’s obvious the filing was the work of many people of various backgrounds, and there is some evidence of (possibly inadvertent?) repetition in the content that was cut and pasted. In some cases the tone of the wording necessarily waxes philosophical when discussing more abstract assumptions. Elsewhere the content is highly technical.

Hopefully in short time the world may become privy to the real-world manifestation of what this patent really means, perhaps to be seen winging its way throughout the skies above us.


Disclaimer: Because much of the tone and wording in the patent filing sometimes speaks in theoretical terms, any portion is legitimately up to interpretation and debate. Suggestions and opinions posed herein are for discussion purposes only, and therefore none of this article’s content should be considered an authority of the topics at hand. With regard to the patent filing proper, make certain to refer to the patent filing itself as an authority, and also recognize that its contents might be revised at any time without notice.


© 2012 – 2020 John Helios / Helios Journal™ – All Rights Reserved Worldwide – Duplication allowed only by crediting Helios Journal™ and linking to this source.



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  2. I wrote the book “Energy, Cold Fusion , and Antigravity”. Its at and many booksellers. it is relavent to this work.

    Frank Znidarsic

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    How the UFOs Tic Tac really fly


    Therefore, the same irreversible dissipation ImX needed for the Frohlich non-equilibrium boson quasi-particle room temp superfluid/superconducting condensate is needed to produce the anti-gravity part of the warp field.

    Right now, I am working on the propellant-less propulsion low energy warp drive equations taking into account the irreversible absorptive imaginary parts of the electromagnetic susceptibility meta-material response functions to the applied electromagnetic Frohlich pump stress-energy tensor and also in the G(eu)^2 coupling of EM stress-energy to gravity warp field

    Gab(x) = G(edfgs(x) u^(dfgs) (x))^2 Tab(x)

    edfgs= 4th rank electrical permittivity tensor
    u^(dfgs) = 4th rank magnetic permeability tensor

    a,b = 0,1,2,3

    In Newtonian weak near field static limit for the gravity warp drive tensor field Gab in linear approximation for a parallel plate capacitor with meta-material between the plates.
    In this simplest of all examples in the Newtonian limit Einstein’s 10 tensor component field equations approximate to the single Poisson equation of 19th Century Classical Physics (1813).

    Grad^2 V(x) = G(edfgs(x) u^(dfgs) (x))^2 T00(x)

    x is a localized 4D space-time region inside the metamaterial Dielectric

    V(x) = Newton’s dimensionless conservative gravity field potential energy per unit test particle mass-energy using vacuum speed of light c(vacuum) = (e0u0)^-1/2

    T00(x) e0[10i0j + X0i0j(x) ]E^i(x)E^j(x)

    Low power warp drive happens when the pure number susceptibility tensor component absolute value

    |X0i0j(x)| >> 0

    Note X0i0j(x) = 0 in the quantum vacuum neutral plasma of virtual electrical charges/anti-charges.

    However, X0i0j(x) is a complex-numbered tensor field in general

    X0i0j(x) = |X0i0j(x)|exp{@}

    @ = arctan[Im X0i0j(x)/Re X0i0j(x)]

    Similarly, for E’s.

    In particular, we will take Fourier component of the Tuv driving field (more accurately a multi-resolution wavelet transform later on)

    Therefore, E’s ~ (polarization vector)^sziexpi[ft – k.r]

    Sz = 1,0,-1

    0 is the longitudinal (e.g. Coulomb static field) polarization in evanescent Tesla near field confined to a space ~ 1/k. 1, -1 are the transverse polarizations that survive into the far radiation field.

    Near field is off-mass shell (QED Feynman) f and k are independent – these are virtual photons in Glauber coherent quantum states.

    Far field is on-mass shell f =k/[(e(f)u(f)] including real charge dispersion.

    To make a long story short for now:

    We take the real part of the complex numbered total T00(x) in which the imaginary absorptive part of the susceptibility that has a phase lag between the applied electric field stress-energy tensor and its gravity warp field response (neglecting tensor indices)

    i.e. GradV(f,k) = G|eu(f,k) |^2*|T00(f,k)|cosine(total phaselag(f,k))

    · Denotes convolution integral of the Fourier components to get the Fourier component of their product.

    A positive metamaterial resonance

    |X0i0j|X0i0j(x)| >> 0 with cosine(total phaselag(f,k)) > 0 produces a local attractive gravity field

    A negative metamaterial resonance with cosine(total phaselag(f,k)) < 0 produces a local repulsive anti gravity field.

    And with a small amount of EM pump field energy density T00 to get the desired G00 ~ Grad^2V.

    Therefore, the same irreversible dissipation ImX needed for the Frohlich non-equilibrium boson quasi-particle room temp superfluid/superconducting condensate is needed to produce the anti-gravity part of the warp field.

  6. I firmly believe that the technology has been there for sometime but,for the navy to patent it is really a mystery.Perhaps they are worried that China or Russia may copy their design.If so a patent is not going to be effective as a deterrent. If the TR-3B has been seen for decades in areas all over the world, then a progression or technology is evident.I have see my share of strange aerial phenomena over the years since childhood in this area.Some over a military base not far from here.One interfered with RF antenna signal whiting out the TV with immense electrical interference.We were out as kids sliding that winter when, we saw to the west something lighted with multicolooured lights go down into the trees,move then do the same thing for half an hour.It disappeared but ,when we went into my house my parents were watching TV and said the signal kept being distorted out repeatedly for awhile.We saw this happen ourselves & wondered if that strange light caused it.I also recall buying a model of the original Battlestar Galactica with a description of it being designed by the US Navy for use whenever it was to be built I suspect.Thanks for sharing,I got the PDF and will check out soon.PS do you have any patents for Solar Warden?

    • Ron, I think there was an article I read out there also stating that this filing was made in response to the Chinese also developing similar technology. No doubt the TR-3B has been around for decades.

      When you say “here” – what area are you referring to? I’m in Taiwan, where I’ve only seen cloud ships not operated by humans. I’ve been witness to more organic, non-human stuff, but mostly in dream.

      No patents I know of for Solar Warden. Just mention of it in videos by William Tompkins and Corey Goode. I’m sure there are others by now who mention it also.

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  8. A nice big ‘tell’ sign is that submitted patent drawing looks like its from 1963 yet the file date says 2016 …

  9. saw one aircraft carrier sized triangle craft in danbur ct in 1991-dead silent as it passed about the roadway about 1000 feet–many people saw it–called the local airport–they saw nothing on radar

    • Thomas, there is full support for what you saw in William Tompkins’ book “Selected by Extraterrestrials…”. In that book and in his video interviews, he states he designed “space carriers” upwards of 30km in length, and fully believes they were built and deployed. Likewise other folks coming out saying similar. Also Norman Bergrun’s book showing satellite images of craft of similar and larger lengths. There is also another patent that has come out for a shoebox-sized power source that can power ships of the size you mention.

      Have you seen other things?

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