Changing Motif Between Masculine & Feminine Reply

I had a really beautiful but telling “dream” about the continuing change in the dynamic between collective masculine and feminine last night.

The men of the collective were seeking out the women. But they were doing it all wrong, based as a collective effort instead of as an individual activity for each person, as a one-on-one endeavor. Seeing this way, many men are going about their relationships with women as something to be done by pre-defined old-fashioned society rules, and as a group of men, still not so confident that they can find their own way as individuals – all ways that are now no longer effective.

In the first dream scene, there were men trying to get an old-fashioned military aircraft to fly so they could go seek out women collectively. But the airship couldn’t take off from the runway. Indeed too heavily laden with their preconceived notions. So all they could do was race the craft back and forth on the runway without it taking off. The airfield was next to the ocean, and so there was some fear that the aircraft would roll off the end of the runway and be lost in the water. In response to this concern, there were many salvage boats scrambling onto the water to see who might get there first to pick up the wreckage and reap the rewards from the aircraft’s demise. (how predatory!)

(I note that the salvage ships are parts of society that still operate based on fear and calamity – like the insurance industry.)

In any case, the scene changed to the women’s perspective:

I saw a small sailing vessel perhaps 30 or 40 feet long, with no mechanical engine, but it was a sailboat powered by the wind, piloted by a group of strong-willed women. These women were adventurers and leaders, explorers. The ship they sailed moved of its own accord, using the wind as its fuel. They departed from a small inlet and entered a violently flowing narrow river that twisted and turned and bore many obstacles in its path. But they craftily steered clear of the obstructions. The ultimate goal was to get to the ocean, where there would be smooth sailing.

So in the above scene that the women had rallied together nicely, but were not yet in the presence of men – but not as if they needed to be. I got the feeling that many of them wanted to be with fellow women in this grand adventure, and in good time would meet up with whatever partner was appropriate for them (be it a man, woman, a way of life, or…?). But the task at hand was to successfully navigate the river of societal customs in which women had been so long constrained. Out into the open sea, and freedom

In general, here I see the men as being somewhat behind the women. While the woman were able to leave port successfully and no doubt had a hefty journey ahead of them, the men weren’t even able to get off the ground! I shudder to think that once aloft, how the hell could they get ”down to earth” to even meet the partners they so ardently sought after? Once airborne, I imagine they spend a decent amount of time aloft flying around in their powerful machine, seeing women below, and wondering how to get to them. How funny! My guess is they’ll abandon ship and parachute their way down as they see fit. The final man will ditch the old aircraft and let it fly onward to oblivion where it belongs!

In the next scene, which I felt was sometime in the future, I witnessed a man watching a woman silently from a small distance, both wanting to be close yet not getting too near. She said to him, “Why don’t you leave a pumpkin on the porch and come back later. Maybe have a little something special waiting for you later, hmm?”

She was dressed provocatively, and her manner was likened to a pin-up calendar girl of yesteryear, kind of like Bettie Page. She knew what she was doing, and she was fully confident. Yet she knew the man wasn’t ready for her magic. But also she (being a representative of unadulterated wildness of nature) knew that the timing was not right for her to meet her man. But she knew in good time, some time later the time would be ripe for their communion. (I guess the pumpkin theme arises from the upcoming Halloween mysteries?)

So, in seeing all this, it looks like both “sides” need some time to work out their collective issues. The fact that the men were using an antiquated aircraft on their quest, as well as the provocative woman dressed in old-era garb from the 1940s and 50s mean that that both sides need to cast off their old ways of thinking and “update” their thinking to something that will work in the new energy. In good time, both sides will meet as needed.

Of course this is a reading of the collective interaction. Individual folks will of course will have their own special journey.


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