Timelines Still Collecting – Explains the Frequent Jumping Reply

We are continuing to gather up disparately fragmented timelines. They were all broken up from one another long ago as a part of the old separation paradigm. But now they’re being collected together on the same singular timeline, but now being collected faster than ever. Thus the more frequent timeline jumps we’re experiencing as we see it manifesting in the Schoomz (the Schumann Resonances)
As I see it in a linear form, the disconnected timelines exist adjacent to each other. They crackle with energy and jostle around next to one another like two jump ropes being handled differently by two sets of different hands at each end, shaking each rope from either end in whatever random fashion they feel like.
But after a while one set of hands begins to shake the rope in-time with the hands holding the current main timeline. Thus the two start moving in synch with each other for a while, and all they’re left to do is just move a little closer together and… ZAP! They’re unified onto the same timeline!
This is not to say that the previous timeline disappears altogether. The subsumed timeline lends itself to the overall current timeline. The frequencies it had that are not useful are cancelled out by the other energy lines in the timeline field.
Also, the freshly merged timeline still exists, but it exists in its newly refined form that’s useful to the overall timeline we share, and it now exists as a fractal expression of whatever it’s meant to express.
For example, if we make a timeline jump, and then suddenly someone appears in your life, the sudden appearance of that person may be an expression of the newly assimilated timeline. It may transform your life. Likewise for that person carried in on that new timeline, their life will be changed under the influence of its new surroundings.
Another thing to observe is the timing of all this. The absorption of a certain timeline could not have been possible unless all the other events previous to it had happened already.
How’s that for a perfect orchestration?
How mysterious. How beautiful!


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