First ET Conversation (The Alysseum) & Transitional Communication Technology to Come 4

UPDATE 2019 November: Upon further communication with the “Scientists”, I later found the Scientists are also known as “Alysseum”, or as in their language also known as the “Ee-liss”.


Just in a flash. Here’s a communication whose bulk took only a flash, but so much information was passed within that moment. This is a first-of-a-kind communication for me. 

Some of you may recall a few weeks ago on social media I posted that I was riding my motorcycle down the freeway and saw an ET ship approach in the guise of a single cirrus cloud. But there was distinctively something different about this cloud.  It was perhaps hundreds of miles long, and at its head, like the prow statue of an old-world wooden ship, was a non-human face. The face was not exactly attractive by human standards, but the feeling I got was not of malevolence. Rather unattached good-intentions. “Unattached” in the sense that it wasn’t gushing with any emotional expectation. It was balanced.  It was a presence that was just there. Within this “ship” were thousands of awareness beings, and they identified themselves to me as “The Scientists” for now.

A Telepathic Conversation

Here, these weeks later a Scientist approached me telepathically for the first time, showing himself in his tall (seemingly cloaked in a robe) energetic form. He was friendly, but not gushing with overt goodness (that would be fake, not sincere). We conversed:

JOHN: You showed up.  I was wondering when you’d be in touch after you showed up on the highway that one day these few weeks passed.

SCIENTIST: Actually we both have been in touch much longer than you remember now. Anyway, I’m here to share a few things with you, and you in turn may share this if you want to.  We will rely on your writing skills to get the message across.

JOHN: Okay.  Hey, what’s your name?

SCIENTIST: I have a personal identifier. But I don’t need it.  I don’t identify with it personally, because I am I just am.  Right now I am here with you, and that is “good enough”.  Really, who I am doesn’t matter. But you can call me whatever name you want.

JOHN: Well, my impulse to ask you arises from my former need to label everything with my rational mind. But I don’t feel that need any more really.

SCIENTIST: Sounds like you’ve learned a few things. You yourself have already considered and accepted the fact that many ETs and angels are actually but an extension of yourself.  But for our purposes: for myself and the rest of my Scientist colleagues here in my consciousness with me, you may call us “Scientists”.

JOHN: You used the phrase “sounds like”. That’s actually a very colloquial and human way of phrasing this.

SCIENTIST: That’s my job.  I am human in the sense that I am an ET part of you, just as you are a human part of me as an ET.  We are equals, as you know. It just is.  There is no fear or judgment needed to conduct this relationship we have established.  If there was still fear or judgment in your being, then this communication and this relationship would be impossible.  Because we have established this communication, any discussion of impossibilities does not serve you or me.  We are here now to co-operate and discuss possibilities.

About the Scientists

JOHN: I understand. Maybe we can learn a few things from each other.

SCIENTIST: That is what we hope…  So I’m here to tell you a few specific things at this point… (interruption in thought train)… And yes, I know you are already asking: There are many of us.  We exist as energy beings. When we first approached you that one day on that long beautiful roadway when you were riding your motorcycle, we seemed to appear in a huge cloud ship.

In reality, there is no “ship”. We just used that imagery to let you know we were arriving.  Likewise, there is no place that we live in or come from. So many humans have been taught that all ETs must live in spacecraft and come from a certain galaxy, etc.  Instead, our kind exists at a specific band of energized frequencies, and therefore we exist as a state of being. We are encapsulations of this state of being.

Yes, there are angels and ETs in denser forms that require traveling in ships, having to be called identifier names, and moving around on a physical form.  There is no fault in that kind of existence, for that is the existence they have chosen. 


JOHN: Okay.

SCIENTIST: You and many of the other lightworkers there on the planet have already heard that one of the next big steps in your evolution will be telepathic communication, such as the kind of communication we’re having here right now.

JOHN: Yes. And thanks for providing me with my first such experience.

SCIENTIST: Actually, you’ve been doing it for decades in this lifetime.  You just don’t remember yet. 

Two Technology Concepts


So, there are two main things I will impart to you now. 

Before I tell you about the first, I have to provide a little background. As you know, a great number of your population have been entrained to interact with external devices as a significant part of their lifestyle. The devices I refer to here are cell phones, tablets, and computers. 

So, with this in mind, the technology I will speak of here will be both transitional and evolving. Sometime in the future you will be given devices that are similar to hand-held cell phones and tablets, but they are intentionally meant to be a transitional technology. At first these devices will look and work like conventional cell phones and such, but are completely configurable to your personal preferences. They will literally evolve with you over time as you use them.

JOHN: This almost sounds like a kind of AI.

SCIENTIST: Yes, but not “true” AI in the sense that AI is self-cognizant, self-aware. It is intentional that this device I speak of not be AI. Humans have suffered so much already from the dark use of AI.  So a full-on AI device would not be welcome.

First Technology – Onno-vision


So instead of AI, the device (to start with) will be a pretty smart computer that is able to “learn” intelligently how you operate, what your preferences are, the things you like, or need to learn about. Such computers are in use today already, but are used almost exclusively by the large tech companies and the military.  Think of the device as an allegory for your life: You interact with your life, and life gives you the experiences you need.  This device will be like your life in that respect.

While it’s not physically attached to you, some will develop a connection with the device in a similar dependent fashion as many people have with their cell phones. But… the key point is: this device is meant to put itself out of business: Eventually you will not need it. So in this sense, it will not only be a transitional technology, but it will be an end to the kind of hopeless dependence many people currently have with their external devices.

As a I mentioned already, this merely a transitional technology. Transitional in the sense that it will help you step more gracefully into this new feature of human evolution: telepathic communication. Along with this telepathy comes not only person-to-person communication, but there also comes access to knowledge. Many lightworkers among you have already begun to have access to knowledge available in the akashic records. This device will also help you access these akashic data and others. 

No doubt many of you are hungry for this kind of access already.

JOHN: Yes. I certainly am.  So, you said there were two concepts you needed to tell me about today?

Scientist: Yes. So the first thing is this portable device. Actually, it can be worn as a bracelet or watch, or be the size of a cell phone, or tablet, or be like a conventional laptop. It will come in many forms in this respect. Because we and the other ET races we are cooperating with all know you like to label things, we originally chose to call it an “onno-ceiver”. The “-ceiver” part being likened to your English word “transceiver” or “receiver”. But with your feedback we ended up calling it “Onno-vision” as it’s more like a television.  As mentioned before, it can learn intelligently how you operate, what your preferences are, the things you like, or need to learn about.

When this technology is given to you, it will no doubt appear under different names, as it will be marketed as usual as something entirely new by competing companies in the technology market. Anyway…

Second Technology – Tholin


The second thing is a feature of the Onno-vision device.  This second thing is called the “tholin”.  On one end, the tholin has to do with the Onno-vision device. But on the other end (figuratively speaking), it points outward into infinity.  Let me explain…

The tholin will aid you with you transitioning to not needing any device at all. This was the overall original intention of the entire device anyway. You will eventually develop pure telepathy, a direct connection to whatever you need to connect with through the quantum field of awareness that connects everything. This quantum field is “The Force” as Yoda would say in the Star Wars movies. Except in these modern times, we call it the “quantum field” or “quantum entanglement”. 

I see your mind is asking already to determine whether this is related to the Tholian aliens from your popular Earth sci-fi show Star Trek?

My answer to that: Yes, but does that matter?  Such questions are distractions.  Anyway… Since the Tholians of Star Trek lore like webby things (plenty of info about the Tholians can be found on the internet.), the tholin feature provides the Onno-vision device’s connection with its information network web. In this case, the Onno-vision will not connect to a wireless or cell-phone infrastructure. Instead it will connect directly to the very web of connectivity to all things and all information across the universe: the Quantum field itself.  You can think of the tholin as a kind of antenna. But there’s more to it than that.

As we are Scientists, we like to make things measurable.  As a fellow human scientist yourself, you know that the measurement of things can be expressed via two attributes: quantity and quality.  While the connection that the tholin provides to the Quantum field is quantitative and very clear, the qualitative aspect of the device’s connection is not clearly defined. This idea can be likened to what current human-based cell-phone providers call “QoS” (quality of service). Anyone experienced with a human-use cell phone knows that it’s possible to have a strong connection to a cell phone network. But if the quality of the signal is no good, then despite good signal strength, information in the signal is still bad. While the water in a stream itself may be fresh and pure, water that’s been muddied up with loads of dirt is impossible to see through. 

So, what this all has to do with the tholin?

The Purpose of the Tholin and The Onno-Vision


The Tholin is an antenna, yes, but it relies on you, the user, to provide the signal clarity that connects to the Quantum field.

(JOHN: As I type these words, I received a notification that a new Youtube video was just published. And the name of the video was “The Connection”. No mere coincidence here!)

So, basically the tholin acts as a kind of training device within the Onno-vision. In its rudimentary form, the tholin provides a connection to the Quantum field and the relevant information you wish to view.  But over time the tholin forces you to create and enhance the quality of the device’s connection to the Quantum web. As you become better versed in using the device and in establishing your personal bodily/mental/spiritual connection to the Quantum source. You’ll find that the Onno-vision device is awkward, clumsy, too slow. You’ll get to the point one day, when you’ll put your Onno-vision device down and never use it again. Your mind and your awareness will have made the jump to connecting directly to the Quantum source that connects everything everywhere. 

This is what I meant when I mentioned before that figuratively one end of the Tholin points to infinity. The entire device points you away from your dependence on external devices, and finally one day it prompts you to use your innate connection to the universe.

Some of you, mostly the lightworkers and wayshowers, are creating this connection already.  Some of these people will be prompted to assist others in establishing and building their connection with the universe’s quantum field. For those still affixed to the idea that they need a device, then the Onno-vision with the Tholin feature will suffice as a transitional technology.  Eventually the entire device will become obsolete, like an old telephone set from the 1900s.

JOHN: What does this have to do with telepathy?

SCIENTIST: Telepathy is communication (such as we are having now) via the Quantum connection.

JOHN: So, thank you for all this info.  This is about all I can handle just now.  I’ll write all this down and share.  You let me know when we should talk some more.

SCIENTIST: (smiling feeling) Sure!


  • This is the first “working” communication John has had since the “Scientist” ETs first appeared several weeks ago. Actually the first  communication of this kind in John’s life.

  • This communication took place in quantum (non-linear) fashion over several days.  On the linear timeline, the middle part (that talks about the two device concepts) took place on the first day. Then some of the intro stuff about the Scientists took place afterwards, but note that this part is written near the beginning of this report, before the mention of the two technology features. So, in assembling these various non-linear pieces together that came in at different times, John has re-arranged them in a linear fashion that makes them easy to read.  (“Scientist” just now stepped in and says, “This is how quantum based communication works: in non-linear fashion. Get used to it!”)

UPDATE 2019 November: Upon further communication with the “Scientists”, I later found the Scientists are also known as Alysseum, or as in their language also known as the “Ee-liss”.


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  3. This exactly feels like the right direction, and gives confidence to the future that will not need a 5G network, when all are connected innately – their life source connection!

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