New Earth: Distribution of Skills & Resources Reply

In a quiet moment, I was shown how some things will eventually be distributed in the new Earth in the future. Eventually.

Specifically, I was shown how some skills would be distributed among the people. I’m talking skills like being able to repair mechanical things like washing machines or cars. Other people would have other skills, like people who know how to write things (like announcements or advertisements) for other people. Others would be like tailors, people who know how to repair or make new clothing. Others would be storytellers or comedians. Yet others would be farmers,  masseuses, herbal doctors, listeners, road builders, lawyers (not the kind we know of now), etc.  These skills and the resources they use would cover the whole gamut of needs for an entire population.

I asked to see how well distributed these things would be, and so I was shown everything in a colorized graphical form.  Let’s say a clothier was represented by the color red, and a mechanic was represented by the color green, and other colors represented the various other trades. In seeing these various colors as an overlay onto an image of the Earth, I saw that all of these colors and skills they represented were fairly well distributed. Darker areas represented a dearth of skills or services. But this was no matter, as few to no people lived in or needed those things in those areas.

Those areas that had little to no availability of certain skills or resources were not a big deal, as people would take pleasure in using this as an “excuse” to travel somewhere else. There was no marked lack of anything in areas so as a cause a extreme lack of things needed, as we have seen in the old #d world where such extremes created poverty and such like.

As it is now on Earth, of course different locations would have their own different special features. For example, the more tropical areas would be able to grow more fruit, while further away would be grown colder clime foods such as wheat. While there was fair distribution of skills and resources, there would be sufficient difference in how things appeared locally and regionally, and people wanting to travel to get to them would provide an adventure and a sense of pleasure in seeing the contrasts.

Everything was distributed across th Earth in very much in accordance to the new energy grid placed onto the Earth. While the Earth grid is placed more or less uniformly everywhere in mathematical precision, yet with a sense or random creativity of the kind we see in when walking in nature.  The kinds of things, the flavor of them, or their specific purposes would be as varied as the colors of the universe. While uniform in a way, everything is likewise varied – affording an experience of beauty and mystery.


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