Consciousness-Directed Transport Reply

This vision alludes to the mention in recent years of “consciousness-guided”or “consciousness-assisted” technologies that certain whistleblowers (mostly survivors of the secret military programs) have shared with us through their interviews and personal testimonies.


Today I was led to see a group of people getting onto a public transport vehicle. It was like a bus or a barge, but I felt it was a time-and-space folding vehicle much like that seen in the Frank Herbert story Dune – a vehicle that was piloted by the consciousness of the Guild Navigators.

The vehicle didn’t so much “steer” in the physical fashion that we are used to in a car or a ship. Instead, it was steered interdimensionally using the mind of the pilot or driver, whose mental faculties were specially trained in guiding such a vehicle.

There was a man on the crew of this vehicle whose purpose was two-fold.

Firstly, he had an energy that was able to overcome others’ energy. Overcome, not in a domineering or otherwise negative way. Rather his energy’s purpose was to smooth out any unsettled energy in the passengers’ energy. As this was a consciouness-directed or -driven vehicle, any passengers with imbalanced or disruptive energy would be contained by the crewman with the smooth energy.

Secondly, his energy was so smooth, so placid, that it was actually pleasurable. So, those passengers on the vehicle were able to really enjoy their journey while on the vehicle.

In the scene I was witness to, this crewman was outside the vehicle running and errand between stops, and he was running late on returning to the vehicle. As he was critical to then proper functioning of the vehicle, they could not leave without him and thus had to wait for him. Once arrived, he was guided to his crew room, which was basically like a sumptuous living room with a kind of sofa chair surrounded by other soft plush furniture, some TVs and things he needed to pass his day while keeping his vehicle in good order.


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