The Double-Woman with Two Men 1


This is a story of a powerful woman, a woman so powerful that she held within her the energetic configuration of two people, but without the negative energetic attributes of someone with schizophrenia or multiple-personality disorder.  The very thought of any error in character with regards to this woman are entirely irrelevant here, for she is a “perfect” woman. Perfectly balanced within her power.

Feel free to interpret this story as you may in your own free will. One interpretation of what I relate here is that the Divine Feminine, after having been repressed literally for eons is now re-emerging, but not only in partnership with one Divine Masculine counterpart, but with TWO! Seemingly as if to help “make up for lost time” in her ages-long development within the human race, in partnership with these two males, she now re-emerges in full overdrive mode as she grows into her power.

THE GOOD: She is finally re-empowered as she rightfully should be.

THE BAD: Upon rediscovering her power, if she doesn’t exercise proper caution or humility in using her powers, she may turn to abusing it, thus causing an imbalance in her life and the lives of those within her sphere.

The Story of the Double Woman with Two Men as Partners

The scene was set maybe somewhere in Romania, but I see a possible tie-in with Russia or similar geographic background. It doesn’t matter really.

I was led to see the story of a powerful woman here who through some miracle of fate had partnered with two very powerful men.  This woman was mature, neither old nor young, but now in the prime of here life.  She was an artist of some kind, and while very driven, amazingly she held her power in graceful composure. This was not done through an effort of self-repression or self-denial. Rather her comportment manifested through tremendous self-discipline that had been so well-practiced over the years that on the surface she was the very image of a Queen — fully aware of her own inner power.

I am guided to call this woman Nabirikia. Within her being she harnessed a multi-faceted personality, all facets of which were fully aware one another, and in perfect communion with one another. One facet was a manifestation of the innocent openness of a young girl who explored the wonder of her life. Another was a mature woman who remembered and learned from her past trials, and who exercised some measure of street smarts in her everyday life. Yet another facet was her as an artist, a creator who had the power to make works of art in unimaginably surprising and splendid form. 

In the eyes of the two men who had partnered with her, and whom that she agreed to partner with, she was the Perfect Woman, a Queen to behold.

The First Man

One man was a master in his own right. He bore the surname Bulyvnia. The King of practical world affairs, and a scientist whose creations and inventions were in themselves wondrous works of art. He was somewhat well-practiced in business affairs, but did not endeavor to make them his prime interest, as he saw money and the world or earn a fortune for what it was: a fool’s task with an ending that surely would end in sadness through lack of self-fulfillment. He talked loudly sometimes, and occasionally liked to socialize among others with a brandy and a cigar. People of society loved him, but never knew him, for he sprang from the fountain of mystery that was Infinity, to which he knew he one day would return.

The Other Man

The other man bore the name Manev.  He was truly “the other”, as he was composed of unfathomable mystery.  Slow to speak, very quiet and outwardly rather reserved. But once getting to know him, he was a font of the most powerful words expressing thoughts and feelings that, once beheld, would cause even the most introspective of people to feel uneasy. For in seeing that through his example they themselves could likewise have delved deeper into the inner space of one’s own psyche — indeed spanning to the outer-inner reaches of the Infinity. At times he spoke not, and by the mere presence of his silence, he became The Mystery in itself. At times this man seemed frail and weak physically. But in times of the most of horrific trouble, he was a statue of quiet self-composure and confidence, whose words of advice rallied the spirits (of those who knew and loved him) to walk onward despite all odds.

All of Them

The woman Nabirikia, the Divine Queen whom these two men adored, was their shared adoration. They both loved her immensely, with either of these men sometimes emotionally torn to shreds in their adoration of her, that they were reduced to tears on their knees professing the deepest love for her. In the years that they had rallied and traveled together with their Beloved, they too, had grown to respect, support and love one another as brothers in a kindred spirit.

I am reminded of the relationship of the two (originally antagonistic) characters in the beautiful movie The End of the Affair, in which the two male characters put aside their personal animosities for one another in order to make it possible to make manifest and honor their mutual love for the same woman, so much so that both men ended up living in the same home together with the woman they loved, to make this Love indeed possible.

The Energetic Composition of “The Double Woman”

But in the case of the two men brought together here, their unlikely union was made possible by their Queen. They both came into this relationship with her by a seemingly impossible manifestation of her power, for she held the energetic signature of a “double woman”.

Upon looking at the energetic bubble that housed her life energy, she displayed an indeed very rare attribute: that of a “double” person. Within her mortal coil, she held the energetic signature of not one, but the compartments of two human life forms within one energy shell. Within each half, there may also sometimes be seen two other halves representing the typical right and left halves of a single person’s being subject to this divided reality we live in. Such a manifestation as a double is is indeed so rare that many would think it impossible. But there are historical records of such human manifestation.

One such record most readily available can be found within in the written accounts left for us by the anthropologist / mystic Carlos Castaneda, who after a years-long apprenticeship with his mentor don Juan Matus, found that he himself was a “double man” — a person of such energy unusually high energy configuration. Such a person can be either a man or a woman, and within Castaneda’s traditional as a Toltec warrior, this kind of person was called a “nagual”.  In Carlos’ case, he bore the even-more-extraordinary attributes of a triple-person, with three segments of energy.

But in the case of Nabirikia, she was a double.

The Story of the Three Travelers

These three travelers who lived together somehow as a small family had had a difficult past.  Aside from being ostracized by society for their  unconventional relationship (of which many critics were secretly envious), they were bound together as a blessing of the Holy Spirit, but also by the fact that they were all artists. The scope of Nabirikia’s creation spanned all media, where Bulyvnia’s craft was in the creation of practical things (machines, reapiring things, or crafting up money-making business transactions), and where Manev either painted or sang the most profound tones that obliterated all noise with the silence of his powerful presence.  All were artists of their own kind.

I was not shown how they came to be, what their past was like, nor how they met one another. I was only shown that in their home country they had recently embarked on one last folly of creation meant to be of material benefit of the people in teh land where they lived. Where Nabirikia had conceived of a Great Hall meant to house both art and the artists that created such art, Bulyvnia found a way to keep this building warm and protected from the harsh bitter winters that their homeland had. Manev supplied some subtle abstract attributes, perhaps an allurign mystique that appealed to the artists whom this builkding, this community center, was meant to be.

With Bulyvnia’s social contacts and Nabirikia’s utterly alluring beauty, they were able to secure funding for the construction of this building from a benefactor, a sponsor with aspirations to artistic expression. The money was secured, and construction was underway, but midway through the project, the benefactor disappeared an along with him went his money, all squandered away in the corruption of myriad construction companies and their many subcontractors who wished to feast upon this grand project. The Grand Hall was never finished and eventually fell to waste, ideed a folly.

The three Travelers could see all this coming, even before the construction began. But they knew it was something that had to be attempted, even if destined to fail as it did.

Among them at first there was remorse and such failure. But in time they all realized this sense of failure was not theirs — as was the project itself. The Grand Hall was meant for the benefit of others. But left in such incompetent hands, how could it have succeeded?  The left the project, a scrap heap as testiment to the Old Paradigm that was now dying.

New Beginning

I was then led to see that this story had taken place in these current modern times.  These three loving travelers are most certainly real people.

Theirs is a story that is a work in progress. I see now that they are traveling once again, coming to a land of new hope, where for sure such fantastic projects of the kinds they could create could come to full fruition, for this is the energy and reality that emerges now in our beloved planet.

The Queen Nabirikia and her two adoring partners are arriving now.


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  1. I immensely enjoyed the story that you related here, I get an image of the old Norwegian legend: “East of the Sun and West of the Moon”. It is a hopeful journey.

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