Heads-Up: ET / Human Communication Reply

For those who believe this ET discussion is all hogwash, then do nothing and see what happens (Heh-heh! I strongly advise you keep a fresh pair of underwear handy!)

OK, there will be some who disagree with what this cartoon says. But stop and think…

Among many of us, it is well-known that we were genetically engineered and then let loose on this planet to grow and evolve in whatever way we would.

So keeping in mind that those races that engineered us had a vested interest in us from so long ago, it makes sense that SOME OF THEM (not all of them) would also have intended something specific for us. Simply said, SOME had a “return on investment” in mind – their own agenda.

(FYI, Not all of the founder races had an agenda. Some merely intended pure Love and let us grow freely as we so chose, okay? It’s not all about abduction and manipulation like we’ve been taught in the movies, okay. PLEASE open your mind to the possibility that our being here was pure benevolence. Now, tune into that idea and hold it.)

For those who wish to go along with the outside agenda, if not already, you may have already consulted with the interested parties to see how you can participate in their plans.

For those intending pure freedom, then get on the web and look up the several proclamations of self-sovereignty available out there and strongly state that you are free.

For those who believe this is all hogwash, then do nothing and see what happens (Heh-heh. Keep a fresh pair of underwear handy!)

In any case you may choose…

There has now started a new and very intensified level of cooperation or interaction coming to the fore. No matter what path you choose, you will need to be prepared for greater communications with our galactic neighbors – many of whom who have been here all along. Keep an eye out for instructions coming from many people of the “awakened community” on how to get ready, and how to communicate.


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