Some Global Cabal Power Sources Shut Down Reply

Feel free to interpret this as you may in your own free will.

The other night I had some pretty busy dream-time, as usual. Lots of activity.  In this particular dream I found myself talking to a middle-aged man in a Nazi uniform.

Dream of Nazi Guy’s Lost Fuel

It was nighttime.  We were outside in some urban neighborhood. He acted as if he really didn’t want to be there with me. Really restless, uncomfortable, smoking nervously, fidgety, rolling his eyes in obvious embarrassment. He showed me what appeared to be a small river of some kind of fluid flowing over a street.  Except instead of flowing in a flat manner across the flat plane of the ground, it flowed suspended in a barrel-shape, as if it was flowing through a tube with transparent walls. 

Nazi guy kind of lied to me in an allegorical way, told me the fluid was a bunch of diesel fuel for powering his colleagues’ army tank and various weapons.  He was so embarrassed while telling me this. But obviously, the fuel was no longer contained, not under his control.  It flowed vastly, lots of it, and it was all flowing northward.

The dream ended.


I awoke and pondered what I had seen.

The guy in the Nazi uniform was obviously a representative of the cabal currently being taken down.  He was really embarrassed about this loss of “fuel” which I later determined was “loosh”, or energy stolen from other people or creatures living on Gaia. This emotionally (usually fear-full) energy is what serves the dark folks as their energy source. Look up the term “loosh” yourself for more details.

This river of energy had somehow been liberated and was now no longer available to the darks and their kind. By flowing to The North I saw this as this energy returning to Source. In native American Indian lore The North is the direction whence everything returns after first flowing to the direction of the East (the rising sun, birth), later flowing to the South (the fullness of life, sustenance), and completing its cycle in the West (death, completion or conclusion). 

This energy flow had been stored somewhere after being stolen from so many lives, and was being returned to Source. Its loss was an embarrassment to Nazi guy and his minions.

Further Research on This

Upon discussion with other folks, I was able to determine that this shutdown of energy had taken place at several places on Gaia. For those who have studied history, the Nazis and their kind have been around long before WW2 (see Robert Sepehr’s research on the Black Sun Society and related occult groups), and continued to work globally to this day (research “Operation Paperclip” and the Nazi regime’s continued activities across the globe, especially Antarctica).

Liberation of this planet and her inhabitants is a work in-progress!


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