Technology is the Theme of This New “Battle” Reply

Feel free to interpret this as you may in your own free will.

We’ve Made REALLY GOOD Progress

In recent years innumerable lightworkers have rolled their eyes at the completion of a major milestone in Gaia’s ascension, only to see with little to no rest that yet another new hurdle presents itself to be dealt with.

But do you notice what’s different?

  • Do you see that we are able to get the rest periods we need more frequently? 
  • The timing of such rest periods are now more close to perfect than ever seen before.
  • And also notice, we need less rest time before we’re ready for new action? 
  • And also I’m seeing both within myself and others: When rest time nears its end, we’re practically suited up and ready for our next operation.
  • Considering all the above, see how your outlook on all this has changed?  Where before a new mission was sheer drudgery, now it’s more like an… adventure!

By now you been through the ringer a few times. The journey has crafted your will to be both smooth and resilient as the shaman that you are, yet ready to take on the iron-hard temperament of the warrior you’ve also become.

This is all you on a personal level. And much much more.

On a collective level, we’ve all heard of the many strides the Alliance, “the good guys”, and the “White Hats” have made in knocking out the dark infrastructure that previously had the upper hand in our world. That upper hand no longer prevails. Some folks out there claim that nearly 100% of the dark beings have been eradicated from the 3D altogether.  There are some easily seen indicators to this effect: The most obvious being that the major political players have actually all been arrested, and that cloned beings (see their eyes, their defective behavior patterns, and more) have taken their place to move around on the stage. For those dark players that have lost their overall use in the dark agenda, they just leave. Elsewhere, thousands of predators have been arrested, and new initiatives have been established to ensure that the darkness will not return.

On the more abstract side, thousands of lightworkers are awakening across the globe, and they actively seek to serve in any way possible. Some of them have been activated through dream work. Others have come online and are able to see visions, hear messages spoken to them, or interpret the most profound feelings that guide them on their path. Everyone is different, and everyone lends their own trademark skill or ability.

The sheer numbers of the awakened are becoming more obvious, and every time one of them speaks out, the clamor is heard by more of those who will soon stir from their slumber.

Thank You So Much!

In recent days it has been spoken to me to say, “Thank you, Everyone.”

The world is indeed becoming more beautiful. The Heaven on Earth it was meant to be.

But What’s Next? Technology

Info given to me recently bespeaks the tone of the next stage of challenge to come: Technology.  I’ll explain here what this means, but first some background.

We all know the dark folks are admirable opponents. Over the eras they’ve dedicated innumerable amounts of effort to what they’ve done here on Gaia. And no doubt some of their leadership have done this kind of thing many times before on other planets and other systems. They’re smart, and in spite of the upcoming revolution here on Earth, they’ve planned ahead for their overthrow. What they have in store for us is what I wish to address here.

Now that we’ve arrested, taken out, and knocked out a lot of the dark folks, their numbers are much fewer and they know this.  So, the next logical step for them now is to rely on more-or-less automated systems they’ve set up to take over in their absence. Their hypocrisy knows no end.

I’ve mentioned above that many (if not nearly all) of their political players are clones. They keep the attention of the still-sleeping fully rapt in the throes of distraction.  High-powered technology constructs such as HAAARP still operate at some levels. The 5G debacle still has not been played out. The direct-energy-weapon (DEW) fires of South America, Australia, and California yet rage. GMO foods still appear on the store shelf.  And the push to embrace AI is touted to be our next “frontier” in technology.

Implementing this technology was planned ahead to compensate for the absence of the gone-missing dark masters. It’s technology. And some of it is really high tech.  What I mention here is technology that effects us at the new battlefront: behavioral influence via DNA programming.

Not to be concerned. It’s just a new flavor in the pot of bullshine they’ve been cooking up. This high-tech stuff will show up for who knows how long. It’s up to us, really.

What’s Good about This

While some of this tech will in part be fairly intelligent (aka AI), it lacks the soul, the creative spark that the awakened have. In the absence of any direct connection to Source that Lightworkers and other Souled Light Creatures have, there is no way they can win this battle.

What’s also good? Our awareness of such technology will support the upcoming disclosure that such technology even exists. And this will open the doorway to development of such technologies for light-hearted purposes.

See how all this eventually serves the rising Light?

How to Prepare?

On the practical side, recognize that an aspect of your body (your DNA) does have a big (but not ultimate) effect on your behavior and how you handle the experience you have in this life. Constructs of fear, dread, and hatred were “cooked” into our ages-old DNA programming by the darks long ago.  But this can be changed. Breathing exercises, meditation, group therapy can help. And these all have become common topics of discussion, even in the office. As you get along with your development, you can turn to more esoteric practices to help with the deprogramming.

Keep in mind we have help with changing our DNA.  I’ve spoken previously of one ET race helping us with our DNA programming. But ultimately, we are the masters of our own fate. The ET folks are merely there to help, if any is needed at all.  You can change your own DNA.

The Big Message

Recognize now:

  • Most of the outside stuff is cleaned up. (How do we know this? Notice how the battle has become less personalized? The affront has a more “one size fits all” kind of flavor addresses less to the individual and more to the masses).
  • The battle lines now turn inward.  The main arena for this battle is through our behavior via DNA programming.
  • The influence they will try to leverage now is mostly technology-based.
  • Recognize that this technology is aimed at our DNA — its “cooked-in” weaknesses, many of which were implanted over eons of darkly-intended genetic manipulation.


IMPORTANT: What’s relevant at this stage is to remove, neutralize, and transform any aspect of your patterning or programming (perhaps stored within your DNA) that provides the “energetic hooks” the darks need to implement at this stage. If you remove these hooks, their tech won’t work. Game over.

We’re Not Alone

Keep in mind:  You, I, they (the helpers like angels, guides, benevolent ETs, and more) — “we” are collectively helping each other.  And we’re all ready for this.


Eventually this will no longer be seen as a battle, but a learning experience, the dance of energy that it is. You’ll be able to tell your Galactic Grandchildren this fantastically beautiful story of the experience you had on Gaia.


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