Healing of the Earth: Opening the Divine Masculine Solar Portal 4

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This accounting of a recent Gaia / Earth healing includes “quantum” (out-of-linear-time) memories mentioned mention later.  The reason why I bring this up here is to picque your interest in the concept of quantum phenomena, which will soon become a household word.

What is a Planetary Healing?

By intending the power of Love and healing toward anyone or anything, depending on the kind of power that you harness within you, you can actually cause the healing of that person, situation, place or thing. As our Mother Gaia evolves, so too do her people. But as a necessary part Earth’s evolution, there needs to be a healing of both Earth herself and her “people”.  These people would include all forms of life: human, animal, plant, spirit, ethereal, and more. In the healing I relate below, some of these “people” included the Agarthans (an underground race), thousands of dragons, some ancient entities, and the interdimensional Galactic Federation of races currently assisting in Gaia’s evolution.

In recent years as more people awaken into their own inner power, people are coming together in prayer or similar gathering. And they intend the healing of the Earth on a grand scale with fantastic effect. While one person can intend healing, the power of the healing is especially amplified when two or more people rally together.

Gaia Healing

A few days ago my friends Lisa (a wonderful remote healer), and Okicize Yuha Mani Win (“Tokahewin”, a Native American shaman or medicine woman) got together online for a spur-of-the-moment session to send “energetic love bombs” (a very concentrated form of healing) to specific people in our lives. When we finished, we were prompted to begin sending healing to the Earth, and for the next two hours we rallied our collective energies to heal various places on Gaia as we were so prompted.

Here my somewhat detailed recounting of what we covered.

Asia Region: Starting with New Guinea

While we have seen exploitation of the land and her native peoples across the globe, Papua New Guinea gets little mention in mainstream news. This land and her people have suffered greatly in recent decades at the hands of a government that wishes to harvest and sell its rich resources. I was prompted to mention healing for the native peoples of Papua New Guinea and their ongoing extermination and imprisonment. This issue and the energy surrounding it will require an ongoing healing, and I ask readers to send this land your love and healing.

Mongolia & Xinjiang Regions of Greater China

Mongolia and Xinjiang were next on the healing.

I envisioned the yaks, horses, camels and other beasts of burden who work with humans of that huge region. As I saw it, I told this to the other two on the healing team.  In the abstract realm these animals had rallied and had begun to pull at a thick unnatural “skin” that covered the land. Disguised in a tan color in the desert areas (such as the deserts of Xinjiang) and as green (in the grasslands of the Mongolian steppes), the skin-like blanket the animals were tugging at covered the entire region. Alone, the animals could not uncover it. And so the Galactics came in to assist with their technologies and energies. The removal of this artificial skin took no small effort, for it was huge.

Upon its eventual removal we beheld a gigantic pyramid of energy almost as big as the land itself. At its base was a grayish chalky gummy material whose purpose was to block energy flow. It reminded me somewhat of the energy blocking abilities of dielectric grease used in automotive electrical applications. While it did not block all the energy gathered by this great pyramid, the gray stuff bastardized the pyramid’s original purpose, which was to provide energy to the region. At the top of the pyramid was a black capstone: again another component that was not intended in the original design of the pyramid. Instead of promoting the open and free flowing of bright energies, the modifications to this pyramid exhibited control and suppression, marked by darkness in coloring. My elemental dragon stepped in to fire-blast the gray matter at the base of the pyramid, and sent the burnt ash to a collection box that was then sent on to Source. The Galactics helped with the removal of the black capstone, then also sending it back to Source. Collectively, we assisted in installing a new golden capstone, leaving the finalities of the installation to the Galactics and the “little people” – the local land entities. Energetic cords going from the base of the pyramid to the darkness were cut. And with some ongoing work to be done by the Galactics, the pyramid is coming back online for the purpose it was originally intended. As the pyramid was being worked on, literally thousands of dragons came to assist – because the pyramid is so huge!

My attention was drawn further to the East of China now, to an ancient pet peeve of mine: the destruction of the magical palace called Yuánmíng Yuán (圓明園) aka The Old Summer Palace in Beijing, the capital of modern China. As our friends in the wiki world state:

“In 1860, during the Second Opium War, as the Anglo-French expedition force relentlessly approached Beijing, two British envoys, a journalist for The Times and a small escort of British and Indian troopers were sent to meet Prince Yi under a flag of truce to negotiate a Qing [empire] surrender. Meanwhile, the French and British troops reached the palace. As news emerged that the negotiation delegation had been imprisoned and tortured, resulting in 20 deaths, the British High Commissioner to China, Lord Elgin, retaliated by ordering the complete destruction of the palace, which was then carried out by British troops. The palace was so large – covering more than 800 acres – that it took 4,000 men 3 days of burning to destroy it.”

I cannot say what a cultural and energetic loss this destruction was. My intuition tells me there was much more to this palace than met the eye of the casual observer, let alone the eyes of an occupational force bent on destruction. While the Palace was built initially in the early 1700s, my intuition tells me included within the intent of this palace was a portion of ancient magic that ties back to the dragons of ancient China – ties to which were further severed by the destruction of the Palace. Cords were cut in association with this destruction, and the people of China are now free to come to terms with this portion of their history, as well as open new space to associate with new dragons going into the future.

Some work was also done at Beijing’s nearby seaport of Tianjin (天津) where in 2015 some low-grade nuclear explosions took place, thus defiling the land and animals nearby. Again, cords cut here and more healing with be needed to heal the region from the after-effects.

Tunguska and the Opening of Gaia’s Sacral Portal

Upon completion of that portion of work in China, I drew our little group’s attention to a mysterious part of the Siberian countryside called Tunguska, where some one-hundred years ago a horrific “explosion” devastated the area for many miles around, slaughtering any people living there, thousands of animals and other life, as well as 2,000 sq km of the taiga forest in the area, flattening about 80 million trees. To this day, no-one can logically explain what happened in the so-called “Tunguska event”. Many in the scientific community attribute the explosion to a meteor strike, but there is skeptical evidence of any meteor fragments. This region among others is off-limit to casual visits, with rumors of people going crazy when visiting the region running rampant.

Lisa commented that this region is associated with Gaia’s sacral chakra.  In hovering over it, we saw that it was capped with a dark disc-like lid many miles wide, with the intention of the disk to block energy from flowing freely up and down within the Earth.  Because this was so huge, the most the three of us could do was “spring the lid” open somewhat to give the Galactic folks the chance to further prise it open and remove it. Once freed of this oppressive device, the sacred sacral portal opened up like a tender wound and thus began allowing an energy flow. Again, here is a wound that will be a work in progress.

Upon completion of this part of the healing, I observed that the beatified Eastern Orthodox (Russian) priest Saint John Maximovitch gave thanks for the work we had done for this region.

Healing of America Locations

Our attention raced across the globe to America.

Bear Butte, South Dakota

I called attention to the Bear Butte area of South Dakota and the visitation of a a Lakota shaman elder (now crossed over) who had been the benefactor and teacher of my best friend, the Toltec artist Don Voss. The Lakota elder’s name was Grover Horned Antelope, and I asked that his family, the land and the people of the region be healed.

At this and other locations in this healing, Tokahewin said that Lord Ash’tar graced us with his presence, and also the Heyoka came with thundering lightning.

Western Arizona: The City in a Stone Building

In the western regions of Arizona adjacent to the Interstate 10 freeway are two sacred locations that I drew our attention to.

The first location was about here adjacent to the freeway, which happens to be close to a location where Jay Essex shows us a large draco-reptilian underground facility (DUMB) had been removed several years ago.

This location I remembered from a dream I had had years ago. And there in an adjacent reality exists a transdimensional city encapsulated within a building-sized stone. Within this city are portals elsewhere and entities with advanced portal technology and dreaming skills. I remember going back to this place at least one or two other times, and that it has a pool of water near its base with a bridge over which one may walk to cross the water.  Interestingly enough, this bridge is built in a Chinese style, and thus has some kind of energetic tie to China and the Chinese culture.  In Arizona of all places!

I don’t know much more about this place, other than to say that its inhabitants may have been somehow conscripted to the service to the darkness at some point.  I asked there there being healing for this area and the inhabitants of this city. This would be an ongoing process, but at least the intent was set for it to begin.

The remembrance about this city these years later is an example of a “quantum” or non-linear information feed. The information arrived years ago, but it wasn’t until the time of this healing when the information became “workable”.

The Hell Hound Portal near Kitt Peak

Okicize Yuha Mani Win (“Tokahewin”) mentioned Kitt Peak for some reason, and this spurred me to remember something.

This was a place approximately here in Arizona, several miles northeast of Arizona’s Kitt Peak National Observatory, where some 35 years ago I saw something while sitting in the back of a pickup truck with some college friends as we traveled to Mexico for a vacation. It was hot that day, and the sun blazed strong on all of us thirsty college students. As I sat there panting in the blazing sun in the bed of that pickup with the wind blowing by, I remember witnessing a bizarre yet vividly clear scene of the desert there in another reality. It was an open area with the mysteriously beautiful desert mountains in the background. Perhaps fifteen feet or so in front of me sat a German shepherd dog in a reclined but fully attentive sitting position, the same position sported by the animal depicted by the Sphinx Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

My feeling about this dog was that it was “austere” – utterly devoid of personal feelings and completely given over to the task at hand, which I felt was one of keeping guard.

I saw it only for a split second, and I remember being utterly baffled at this vision. Why had I seen something so strange, so mysterious, set in the utter barren-ness of the beautiful emptiness of the desert? So.. strange…

I filed this image and the feelings I had away those years ago with the hopes that I would someday be able to know more about it.

Upon telling the healing group about the location of this vision and what I saw there, I asked why the German shepherd theme in the middle of Arizona.  Tokahewin immediately saw the tie-in and said that that specific location was a place of dark magic, a portal to hell that had somehow been selected by the more esoteric faction of the Nazis who had come to America during a CIA activity called Operation Paperclip. For those who have studied the more esoteric doings of the Nazis, we know that they were heavily involved in black magic and abstract arts through their worship of the Black Sun (harkening to the swastika of Nazi lore).

Tokahewin then stated the German shepherd dog was a representation of the energetic tie-in to the Nazis and their immigration into America under Operation Paperclip, and the energy also tied in to Las Vegas, where in nearby Area 51 it was known that many German scientists worked in the development of secret space technologies after World War II.  Many of these technologies were derived from the original anti-gravity space propulsion research work done by Maria Orsic (see what I wrote about her here) in the 1930s. Anyway…

Tokahewin stated the German shepherd was a “hell hound” of old-world Germanic lore, and that it was guarding a portal nearby. There was nothing for us to do here. Rather, we were bringing this up to the attention of the Galactics to address without us in whatever manner they saw fit. In this respect the reporting of this vision was a kind of reconnaissance mission, and not a healing endeavor.

And because this was a remembrance from so many years ago, this is yet another example of a “quantum” piece of information provided outside of linear time.

New Mexico: The Wingmakers Stone Village, Dulce, White Sands and the UFO Village

Near the Gila National Forest is another vast patch of stones that I remember from years ago, and I told it to the healing team.

I remember seeing this stony area from far away, and that it was a place filled with a brilliant light like the light one sees when witnessing Source. Thoughts of the Wingmakers came to mind. We again all asked that awareness be brought up and that whatever was being brought to the table here would likewise be brought to the loving Light of Awareness.

We all noted that this energy also had something to do with Dulce in northern New Mexico, a place where innumerable secret activities have taken place.

White Sands also mentioned at this time.

I mentioned another quantum dream remembrance of New Mexico. This location was in the desert somewhere in western New Mexico, quite hilariously in a small RV resort.  The setting reminds me somewhat of the movie The Last Starfighter, but more posh and upscale like Sedona, Arizona.

For some reason this location was real hot spot of heavy UFO activity.  I remember being at this place several times in dream over the years. I remember the UFOs flying overhead, and the local people just smiling and brushing off such sightings as everyday occurrence. I also remember a different dream when I visited the home of a couple who lived here in a rather posh RV, complete with a stream flowing through it, and they had many amethyst crystals throughout their home that had amazing powers. I remember standing in front of one of the crystals, and being effortlessly transported elsewhere.


After nearly two and half hours of confabulation in this global healing, and much loving work done with many Galactics and Gaia-Earth beings, humans, animals, ethereals, Inner Earth Agarthans, the “little people” of inner earth, dragons and more – we finished the evening’s work. All gave their thanks, sent ether-bound hugs and farewells, and we hung up. For me, it was 3 AM and I was exhausted.

As Lisa mentioned somewhere along the way, by opening up Tunguska, the Divine Masculine Solar Portal had been opened, and the ages-old traumatic wounds suffered by the Divine Masculine in the fast-fading paradigm of the darkness are now being healed.


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