Important Meeting, Decisions Being Made Reply

Vision last night. I was arriving in a spacecraft on some beach somewhere. I think it was on Gaia. The sky was all sorts of brilliant colors but mostly pink and orange. Really beautiful.

There were four other ships that escorted me on my ship. After I landed they all split off into different directions to go on patrol to make sure everything was safe in the area.

I was shown the four craft that accompanied me would fly off to the four cardinal directions and together they would form kind of like a Cloverleaf pattern in their patrol. So it would be a four-leaf clover, which is also considered the Lucky Clover, the clover of Good Fortune.

Afterwards, I kept hearing the words “Galactic Star” being spoken to me.
In any case I was arriving to attend a meeting where important decisions were to be made.

All is good for the World.

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