No, There Will Be No World War Reply

Unless you outright choose it as your reality, there will be no world war. While it may not seem obvious, there are A LOT of really good things going on this planet, for the good of everyone here. One thing that would help anyone would be to be discriminating in where one gets one’s information. Outlets like CNN, MSNBC, etc., are rife with outright lies or half-truths mixed in with whole untruths. This muddies one’s perception of reality, and this is exactly what they want – “they” being the authors of such disinformation and the masters they report to.

For those who are still in doubt, I strongly suggest the exploration of alternative media outlets (mostly available on Youtube) to get a much-needed hint at the bigger picture of what’s going on in the world.

There is much discussion of late about “quantum”, mostly in the form of technology. Most recently in the news the phrase “quantum computing” comes to mind with Google’s announcement of a quantum supercomputer. Yes, this aspect of quantum technology falls under the quantum topic. But because quantum is all-encompassing, the sources of information through which information can be generated are likewise quantum: limitless and interconnected.

Another aspect about quantum information is that is arrives outside the bounds of conventional time. Outside of linear time. What this means is that we are taught to receive information usually all at once and in a logical sequence. A story is told: It has a beginning, a middle, and an end – and the story makes sense. Well, that’s certainly convenient. But for most people, in a quantum release of information, the information provided may arrive in an unstructured format – out of sequence, and in incomplete chunks.

On the news topic, this means you can get your news from sources outside of mainstream media (MSM). There are plenty of conventional-technology news sources available on various websites. But you may also find other very “unconventional” information sources. These are not necessarily “news” sources as we commonly know them. They may be information sources of an entirely different kind. For example, some people may receive such information through visions, dreams, or a clear and strong idea that just pops up in one’s mind.

Make certain to be open to such information sources.

I can tell you this with certainty: These non-conventional information and news sources will present themselves to you more and more frequently in your life.

The main points about quantum information: 1) It comes from non-conventional sources. 2) It arrives out of linear time. Sometimes an ending piece of info arrives first. The beginning piece arrives last or in the middle of your info stream. For example, I received some info 35 years ago and was utterly baffled by it. It wasn’t until these many years later that I understood what it meant. This non-linear arrival of info is typical of a quantum info stream.

Feel free to interpret this as you may of your own free will. This is merely one viewpoint (of many) with freedom of access to information in mind. Otherwise, if you wish, feel free to restrict your information sources to those you currently use. Be advised though: the truth will be out. How well you handle that truth is up to you.

You are safe. You are a manifestation of… Love.


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