Peace is Assured Reply

Peace on Earth is assured now.  The Human / Galactic Peace Plan is now in effect. Protections for general safety are in effect.  There will be no nuclear war, as it has been outlawed.

Yes, yes, there will be future battles as the global population progresses in the healing.  But, there will be no outright global-scale war.  Peace manifesting through Love’s power is the new paradigm.

What remains at-hand now really is the aftermath: the mess that remains within.  Clean up the thought patterns, the programming, and purify your heart. Love, understanding, and forgiveness provides the means for this healing to take place. Trust it.

Get the rest you need. Take care of your body. Ask for help when needed.

Fine. Remain alert if you must.  But also remain alert to the beauty that’s unfolding.  It is indeed the proof you nhave been waiting for of the good changes happening now.

Peace. Love. You earned it. It’s only for you to trust, and accept it now.

Many more beautiful things to come.  Just wait and see.

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