Heat, Electricity, Water & Quantum Math 2

This is a summary of the “Marry Technology” video from Kryon, a consciousness who speaks through a human being named Lee Carroll.  If you don’t already know about Kryon, I suggest you read up on him at www.kryon.com and listen to some of his beautifully inspiring videos here.  Feel free to interpret this all as you may in your own free will.


Some may take the video title “Marry Technology” literally as a suggestion to go and get married to technology. While for some this may be the correct calling, Kryon pointedly says in his video that he means to leverage certain now-available technologies to address the upcoming needs of the world.

I summarize the messages he provides in the video.

Weather Changes (It Will Get Colder)

  • The weather changes on this planet are mostly not as a result of human creation. 
  • This not a global warming, but part of a cycle: Actually things will eventually be getting colder.
  • We need to change quickly and profoundly to meet coming changes.

Heat and & Electricity Readily Available

  • What we need for future changes comes in the form of energy resources readily available from the earth.
  • One effective method to generate power is by using a steam engine. One gets a heat source to boil water. The steam drives steam turbines, and these turbines provide ample electrical power.
  • Nuclear power is a problem: People on earth have resorted to using nuclear power as a heat source to create steam and drive steam turbines. The problem is nuclear power is essentially an expensive and dangerous steam engine. It also creates nuclear waste which is toxic to people and other living organisms.
  • Current Geothermal technology: Geothermal energy is a much more viable alternative. But the way it’s done is not effective and expensive.  Under the current geothermal technology paradigm, to tap into geothermal energy one needs to drill approximately 5km down into the earth. This is a difficult and dangerous proposition. Drilling this far down disrupts the earth’s delicate subsurface systems, which (if enough drilling takes place) may cause earthquakes and other disruptions.
    (Editor’s note: as we all know, earthquakes are inherently dangerous to surface inhabitants. But earthquakes also cause lateral shifts in the surface crust, which in turn render deep drilling wells destroyed or cut off. This forces geothermal companies to re-drill, which requires much time and expense, and causes even more disruptions. Just look at the devastation that the drilling used fracking has caused!)
  • Revised Geothermal technology: Instead of using water to create water-based steam, Kryon suggests we use other readily available compounds that boil at a lower temperature than water, and thus don’t require as much heat to boil, and thus require drilling perhaps only to as shallow a depth as 2 km or less. All this with no smoke, waste, or pollution.
    (Editor’s note” Kryon doesn’t specifically state what pollution-free chemical compounds need to be used, but the technology is available already. I surmise this can be likened to a modern “heat pump” system. Instead of using the system for refrigeration, it’s used instead for heat generation. I surmise such systems will likely be developed from existing technology used in countries with colder climes, such as Norway, Sweden, and Iceland.)

The Fresh Water Problem

  • Populations are growing. Water is becoming less available. Water demand will rise.
  • The Earth’s surface is mostly water, but it’s unusable as it is too salty for consumption by living organisms.
  • Current desalinization technology is slow and inefficient.  These systems require too much time and energy to extract the salt.
  • Current desalinization technology only processes water in relatively small batches. Such small volumes don’t enough provide enough water fast enough. This new technology uses no heat and will yield water in a steady flow.
    (Editor’s note: In the fluids industry, “batch” processing technology is also sometimes called “discontinuous”. For large volumes, the preferred process is called “continuous” processing. Ideally, desalinized water will exit the processing system in high continuous volumes.)
  • Kryon states that a new way needs to be developed to extract the salt requiring very little energy and time. This tech will use nanotechnology. Namely, nano-robots designed to bond with salt molecules in salty water.
  • The nano-robots will use a magnetic charge to extract the salt.
  • The nano-bot desalinization technology will discharge the salt, leaving fresh healthy water.
  • The by-product? Kryon states that magnetic fields applied to water in this manner has powerful healing properties.
    (Editor’s note: What Kryon speaks of here already exists!  It’s called “structured water”. Structured water systems are already on sale from mom-and-pop outfits in the internet! Also research “shungite water”. A Tesla-based structured water technology that does use energy is a product currently called “Water Smacker”.  This tech does not refer to the car company, but rather the scientist Nikola Tesla.)

Quantum Math & “Influential Numbers”

Kryon also speaks of “quantum math”, whereby there will be used “influential numbers”.  These are numbers that do not bear an independent emperical value, but rather a value that is influenced by other numbers that surround the number in question.  As Kryon states here:

“Four is not a four. Four is modified because of the numbers that sit next to it. In a formula, in linearity, in counting. Each time a formula is manufactured in a quantum state looking for a solution, all of the numbers are modified by the numbers next to them. Influential numbers. The four is effected by the five, reduced maybe by the number three… It will not be ‘pi’ (π), but ‘pi solved’.”

(Editor’s note: To help yourself understand this concept more, do research on ‘quantum science’. Do not limit yourself to “conventional” scientific sources, as they tend to muddy the waters on the quantum idea and its applications. Doing a search on Yootoob and other video platforms will yield many results authored by independent people. Being from non-conventional sources, this information will qualify as “out-of-the-box” information- which is what “quantum” is all about.  It is not conventional science.  It is entirely new. 

Also keep an eye out for any instance of the word “quantum” as it arises on the technology landscape in the future. One such upcoming instance will be what’s called a global “Quantum Financial System” (QFS), which some claim will be the financial system that will help to securely control the future global monetary system and  currencies. This is NOT a form of cryptocurrency or similar ‘cryptographic hash’ technology – but something imminently much more complex and secure.)

So… When Is This Available?

When will this quantum tech be available?  <– (That’s a quantum physicist’s joke!)

One of the attributes of the quantum family is.. it’s non-liner.  Quantum science is not bound by linear time! Start with that idea.

So, you ask again: WHEN will this quantum tech be available?  Okay, it’s actually available now.  All we have to do is unlock it.  Make it real. The “when” as always is up to us, the Creators.


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