Global Currency Reset & Other Good Stuff Reply

The Global Currency Reset (GCR), GESARA, NESARA, the Quantum Financial System (QFS) and other related currency and economic things have been underway for a long time. But I have caught wind that it will soon be taking on a heightened level of activity. What this means exactly, of course I don’t know.  I didn’t plan it, but like many others, have only heard of it.

Is this something to be excited about?  Yes.  But…

Assume all the following – which I have mentioned previously:

  • The Global Peace Plan is underway.
  • There will be battles, but no global wars (this also means there will be no nukes).
  • We are multidimensional beings.
  • Angels and our guides are entities that do exist and they are extensions of ourselves.
  • Yes, of course these folks are involved in the economic changes at many levels. How could they not be?
  • Our guides and angels exist in the quantum (non-linear / non-time bound) realm, and thus they have the annoying habit of saying, “Everything will happen in its own good time.”


Lightworkers notice that there’s loads of good stuff happening.  But its overall effect on our reality (for most people) is not all that obvious.  Over time though, more and more people will stop and say, “You know, the world has really changed in the last year, even in the last several months.”

For those who don’t know already, this “slow change” is intentional.  If these changes happen too fast, the world will take on an unreal aspect that many people won’t be able to handle. If yhis all comes too fast, those people working hard to affect critical changes and the people (like those in high government office) will lack credibility in announcing the coming changes. So things have to happen slowly, because that what most people are used to.

This said…

Like I said, I have caught wind that economic and currency stuff will soon be taking on a heightened level of activity. Know that this will proceed in earnest, but no faster than it will lend itself much needed credibility, especially considering the skeptical nature everyone has been conditioned to have about pretty much any good news.

As always, be patient. It will all go faster if you keep yourself up,I have caught wind that it will soon be taking on a heightened level of activity. Keep yourself up, and know it will go faster if you unwaveringly keep intending the very best for this beautiful world.


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