“Individual Consciousness & Infinite Consciousness are One” Reply

From Aluna Ash:

“When the human, or mortal, mind thinks about Immortal Divine Mind, the Immortal Divine Mind shines on it and through it. If we look toward this Presence continually, we begin to look like it. The mind looks at the Presence and shines till every part and particle of the body are transfigured.

Suppose you think that the substance of an antibiotic is God/Infinite Intelligence– if so, the power of Infinite Intelligence will stand out from it, and it will have a healing effect. God, as our Good, is Health whenever focused on or spoken in any way, anywhere.

Suppose you come to know that the substance of your voice, the substance of your glance, the substance of your physical touch is God/Infinte Intelligence. Then the power of God will be exposed in the same way by you’re saying so. Everything you do will have a healing quality based on what you said, believing it to be so. When you speak- you will heal. When you make eye contact- you will heal. When you touch- you will heal. When you think- you will heal. You will develop a constant flow of spiritual healing for yourself and others.

The very mention of the Omnipotent One is the mention of a healing power. One name of God is Allah. Another is Krishna. Another, Jesus Christ. Another is the Great Spirit. Another, Om. Another, Oneness. The greatest Miracles are wrought by looking toward the great Presence of Wisdom within. Different cultures may have different names for this Innate Intelligence– but it is the same Intelligence within us All and is the same Intelligence that connects us All as One.

You see there is a principle of goodness/Oneness that is better than regulations of man. Re-creation is rest. Freedom is rest. God is rest. The true Oneness makes you kind, merciful, trustful. This is life eternal to your hope, to your joy, to your friendships, to your loving. There is nothing to hate. Heal yourself and others by forgiving. Forgive everybody and everything. (This is how you access greater streams of Spirit, through love & complete forgiveness.) Give for the ugly pain, a loving word: “I forgive you.” To the sharp circumstances: “I forgive you.” Whatever it is, a person, an experience, a culture, a race, a gender, yourself, an organization- forgive to heal. You have a reservoir of healing oil that you pour over the affairs of your daily lot, in “I forgive everybody and everything.” Nothing to hate. Did you suppose there was any merit in your hating tobacco or rum?

Tell them that you forgive them. They will lose their strings. The sting of them is your hate. You have the power to take up a thing and it shall not hurt you. Cannot God Touch of God and undefiled? All is God. Hate nothing. The attraction of everything is God- its all One. It is all One Consciousness, including material objects/things… so even hating a thing, is hating yourself. Now that you know this, you will not be hurt by any of these things anymore, will you? The truth shall make you free.”
–Some words from Emma Curtis Hopkins

**When we speak of “high vibration” thoughts and feeling, it is because Spirit is closest in energy/frequency to: happiness, love, joy, abundance, health, vitality, inspiration, bliss, peace of mind, etc.. and the opposite: anger, sadness, hate, fear, etc.. is closer to the opposite of Spirit energetically, which is matter. Although Spirit uses all different modes of matter to express itself, including material objects. The denser the matter, the slower the vibration…the further away it is from Spirit on the Matter/Spirit polarity spectrum, so that density/heaviness is felt. Because we are Spirit individualized operating through matter- we experience both polarities. The more “awake” we become, the more sensitive we become as well due to the refinement of the etheric body… this is why it is important to find balance & really learn to find that place of peace from within. Remember that Spirit is always Strength & Completeness. Individual consciousness & Infinite consciousness are One, the two are One. There is no antagonism between them, for the infinite life can have no interest against its individualization of itself. Tension only comes or procedes by not fully realising the conception of our own Wholeness… by not feeling that we are using our Whole Being. By trying to make half do the work of the Whole but we cannot rid ourselves of our Wholeness, and therefore the Whole will protest against our attempts to set one half against the other. The two: the Individual consciousness & Infinite consciousness, are One.”

by Aluna Ash – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Jo5fT6vgmRbDh6IpL7K2A/videos

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