We Will Be Educators in Quantum Fashion 1

I had a dream where I was shown how we will be educators in the future.

In the dream, I saw a huge open space, brightly lit, in a big building somewhere. The spaciousness of the place seemed to impart an atmosphere of exploration and relaxed wonder.

In this space at a table I saw a woman (student) asking another woman (a mentor) about how her body was reacting to everyday life in her greatly changed world.

The mentor started to explain that one way to interpret these changes was that it was all energy. She went on to explain that our bodies were made of 70% water, and thus the body is sensitive to external energy of all kinds. She explained the feelings the student was experiencing had to do with the ambient energy, the overall feeling of what the world has recently changed and turned into.

Their conversation eventually turned to the chakras (energy centers) within the body. Someone else nearby overheard their conversation and chimed in as an apparent expert on chakras, and she assumed further conversation with the student as the first mentor stepped away.

What’s so beautiful about this scene is that it tells that we will soon be teachers and educators for those who are struggling to catch up on the many changes in the world. This mentoring will take place in trust, in a safe, positive environment that fosters curiosity and question-asking.


I then had another dream.

How People Will Awaken

I saw how some people will be awakened, and was shown two extremes of the pole.

Some people will receive a gentle awakening. Things outside of the ordinary will begin to appear to them – whether as an idea, or perhaps an event before their very eyes. The truth will arrive in many forms.

For others their awakening may be rather disruptive and so very upsetting as to cause them severe cases of cognitive dissonance. For these people, it will be our choice whether to help them along.

In Quantum Fashion

All this information was quantum in nature in some way:

* It was provided out of order (in a non-linear non-time-bound fashion) before I provided it here.

* Each topic in this dream complements the other in that they are all relevant and related to one another. This relevance is one of the attributes of Quantum science, especially with regards to “relevant values”. In Quantum Science there is the concept of “relevant values”. Where for example the number 4 is identified not by the quantity it represents, but by its relation to other numbers adjacent to it – “4” being greater than “3”, and less than “5”, etc.

Just as the second mentor was “adjacent” (like the numbers above) to the first mentor, the forms of help and awakening will likewise be quantum in fashion. The similarities and “relevant value” in both upcoming content and conversation will be uncanny.


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