Gaia Liberation News 2020-02-13 Reply

Below are two testimonials, a recounting of three friends who traveled outward seeking to help with the ongoing liberation of Gaia. One testimonial is from Lisa, the other was the collected additional details from me. Much of the work we do is in the abstract, as we are working on the unraveling of old-paradigm events that took place in the past, yet nevertheless appear to us as imagery.

All a loving work in progress.

Immediately below is Lisa’s post, followed by my further detail.

Lisa’s Accounting

So my team and I, the three of us, me, John Helios and Yuha have neutralized all ancient programming going back to our star of origin (before a supernova blasted that star into the system called Pleiades, it was by itself) all of the ancient wars, the destruction of Marduk/Maldek (which is now the asteroid belt, it was SUCH a beautiful planet!) and the bastardization of the goddess energy that was hijacked and the patriarchy began with the destruction of this particular planet which was the original holder of the divine feminine in this solar system. As we progressed we witnessed the pre Adamites crash landing on Antarctica (looked like giant Denisovans) the programming that ensued through all civilizations and Sumer/Egypt…to Greece and Rome and Minoans, up to current day through 120 realities/dimensions by all beings who have had ANYTHING at all to do with controlling earth/programming earth have all released their wires/tethers, and all wires/tethers led to a false throne where the original emerald tablets/ten commandments/tablets of the priests were stored….the throne itself a symbol of the mechanization of our DNA and dumbing down of our programming the removal of 24 strands of DNA and we were left with two (at one time there were 26, so I understand) and all connections to this completely hijacked/programming inequality of race/life form/reality has all been completely destroyed. All beings who have had anything at all to do with Earth and hijacking/programming all laid their control mechanisms and tethers down…in this false throne room/reality. It is all ash now. …All former DNA strands have been restored, new heart weave established to new earth and new earth template created. We three are still straddling the two realities….creating a new one here while being linked to the one that is emerging, there. My great love Darrell Wayne Bolt was there lending us his love and great assistance for one part of it (as he has moved on officially to New Earth, and assisting of that into form, and it is a bright white with dashes of light blue!) and we also were offered help by the Alorians who specialize in tech, to remove all technology, one more program in the solar plexus, wires and cords throughout the body. I’m sure my partners will chime in their own experiences here and on their own pages, as we all experienced similar things and visuals, but it happens for each of us differently. This is just the three of us/our team, and what we shifted as an example of what other teams can work in unity to shift. This affects each of our three actual lineages (not the fake ones) and each person will have a different lineage and story. This is our specific neutralization story, for the specific shift of our lineages only).

ADDENDUM: I contacted our team to find out if we had neutralized just for we three or for the collective. She said yes….for the collective. In 7 days it will be complete! YIPPEE!!!!…LFP


Below is the Helios accounting of the mission details:

The Alorians

There is mention in Lisa’s new post of the friendly ET tech folk, the Alorians, whom you can read about here.

The Alorians have very ancient ties with humans going waayyy back. After we got underway with this energetic healing, I could see their small metallic hands reaching in to disconnect the energetic threads that bound us. But then they yanked them back at the last second in recognition of our free will, and that we needed first to give them permission to help out. After we three said “yes”, they got busy! If any of you out there wish connection with the Alorians (and if it’s meant to be), then ask for it. They help out especially with technological issues, like etheric implants and other such tech.

The Mission

We (Lisa, Yuha and I) gathered together to eradicate from our three lives the the many old-paradigm templates, especially those surrounding lack of abundance. Somehow, this personal endeavor spread outward for the rest of the world. Here’s what happened.

It started with Earth/Gaia and went off-planet afterwards.

Ancient Rome, Greece & Egypt

Much of what we in the earth-bound venue of human subjugation centered around “the cradle of modern civilization” – ancient Rome and Greece.

Full deconstruction of many old-paradigm templates, especially those that embodied any lack of abundance. Other topics and trauma-based emotions unraveled included:

  • betrayal of loved ones for the sake of personal financial gain
  • the false promise of prosperity (as visualized by fields of wheat and millet from the Roman Empire Era).
  • false holding and hoarding of prosperity (as visualized by bundles of wheat tied together). This imagery also had allusions to modern-day fascism (signified by Mussolini by bundles of chaff tied together).
  • trauma from early forms of artificial intelligence (AI) as exemplified by the Minotaur that appeared. Yes, it’s a form of AI.
  • the Minotaur (bull-headed man of ancient Roman/Greek/Egypt era) was also a bastardization and dis-empowerment of the divine masculine. In ancient times, the over-empowerment of the masculine was signified by a man standing on top of a bull with his right foot between the horns of the bull, signifying that his dominant right foot was firmly seated in a place of power (between the horns of the bull).
  • With the appearance of the Minotaur, we saw the bastardization of the sacred cow, horses, frail deer, and other animals and beasts of burden used for milk and meat.
  • tragedy and horror of twisted fate (as signified by the Greek theater tragedy mask that appeared).
Greek tragedy mask

Ancient Sumer & Mesopotamia, Nile River Region

After disrupting the timelines associated with the ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian eras, we traveled to the Middle East – the areas of Sumer, Mesopotamia, Persia, which is modern-day / Iran / Iraq and the seat of the dying Khazarian mafia.

Afterwards we went to Antarctica, where one of the races associated with the seeding of humans settled in. It is said these arrived in huge ships (some of them kilometers wide, and currently being exposed on Google Earth before being wiped clean by the darks). These settlers on Antarctica were tall, and had large elongated heads whose DNA traits are associated with the ancient long-headed peoples of the Atacama Desert, and the elite bloodlines associated with the pre-Adamites. The long-headed Egyptian royalty got their long heads from these people. Nathan Rothschild is a modern-day example of a long-headed human hybrid.

It is said the Antarctic settlers arrived after fleeing the destruction of the beautiful planet Marduk – a planet whose beauty served in part as the model of the beauty of our planet Earth/Gaia. These people’s ties may even go back to their former inhabitation of Marduk, and later Mars, a planet also stricken by (but not destroyed by) war.

In Antarctica, Lisa, Yuha and I were accompanied by a tall Antarctic guardian being, who led us to an empty courtroom formerly used by the reptilians as their main court for their eras-long domination of humans on earth. The many reptilians that used to frequent these halls are gone – all of them being turned to the light, killed by White Hat / Alliance forces, or banished physically elsewhere.

Within this court-room appeared two reptilian royalty, male and female, the only ones left of their kind here now. After several moments of solemn silence, they willfully relinquished their position here in this court and on the earth, and they left. Left in the court was a throne, which began to burn and disintegrate into ash. I saw this throne’s dark ties to the British throne, and all other thrones from all empires before that derived their power through the subjugation of others. The throne was destroyed, and soon thereafter the court-room was destroyed also. All was rent to ash and blown into the howling antarctic wind.

The tall Antarctic being led us back outside. This being, whose purpose as guardian was now finished (nothing left to guard), faded away, leaving forever from Antarctica.

At this point we witnessed the Holy Bridge, Bifröst, the bridge to the outer realms. Bifrost (pronounced roughly “BIF-roast;” Old Norse Bifröst) is the rainbow bridge that connects Asgard, the world of the Aesir tribe of gods, with Midgard, the world of humanity. Bifrost is guarded by the ever-vigilant god Heimdall.

This is the bridge that connects one humanity to the Other Side, to the spiritual realms. In early Earth human inhabitation times, the Bifröst bridge was not entirely destroyed, but greatly damaged. Had it been completely destroyed, then all of humanity would have died out. For how can one continue living without having a much-needed connection to Spirit? Those who wished to enslave humans knew this, and therefore deliberately left for humanity only the minimum connection needed to continue survival.

Becoming A Triangle

For our travels outward off-planet, we turned into three star beings, and together we formed a triangle. We mentioned that the triangle figures in often recently as a sacred geometric symbol, but also served as a physically very strong structure both for spacecraft and spiritual exploration. Loads of people are seeing Triangle Spacecraft and are uploading them to Yootoob. The US Navy has even recently patented a triangular antigravity spacecraft. Read about it here:

Marduk & The Asteroid Belt

So, we went outward. This is where we saw the “original” Earth – beautiful Marduk. After some time we saw that beautiful Marduk was destroyed by powerful weapons in some war. Marduk’s remains are known to us as the asteroid belt.

(NOTE: I make note that in previous explorations, I saw the asteroid belt is inhabited by slaves who work for the Interstellar Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), a for-profit business agglomeration formerly run by the darks, founded by nazi business cadres left over after WW2 in partnership with the draco-reps. The slaves in the asteroid belt mostly do mining and ore processing. The process of their liberation is an ongoing endeavor.)

Afterwards we saw in ancient times that interspersed throughout the solar system were many weapons stations. Space stations designed to protect territories and to wage war. My thoughts are these weapons platforms were associated with the wars that eventually rendered Mars coated with glass and sand roasted by the high heat of nuclear weapons from those previous wars.

I commented that many of the other planets’ moons (including Gaia’s moon) were weapons platforms. Have a look at what few close-up photos are left of these moons, and you can clearly see that they in recent years have been seared and roasted by Galactic Federation ships. They are out of commission.

The First Two Stars & The Pleiades

Onward we traveled in space outside the solar system. We also traveled back in time – about 1.2 billion years.

We saw the First Star from which humanity was mainly seeded, a brilliant electric-blue star whose mated partner star no longer exists in singular form but super-novae’d into other systems including what we know now as the Pleiades. Read Lisa’s original post for more info on this.

The healing of humanity continues as a beautiful dis-cover-y of our origins!


Some past liberation news:

Healing of the Earth: Opening the Divine Masculine Solar Portal

Some Global Cabal Power Sources Shut Down


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