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This discussion will be about cleaning up stuff. The magic, the wonderful creation stuff we’ll leave for later talk-talk.


Let it be known, the animated (living) versions of the dark beings have either died, physically been taken off-world, or have stepped over to the Light.

What we are left with basically is to clean up the mess. If this cleanup were to be done all at once, it would be a profound shock for those still not quite awakened to the way things used to be. So, this will take some time. The good news is that things are speeding up big time.

How long will the cleanup take? That’s up to us collectively. The more we help others, the quicker it will go. If you want to help, trust that you will find the best way. If you are here now, reading this message, that means you are involved.

So… In what forms does the mess exist now? Basically two forms:

  • External technology and
  • Internal technology

External Technology (The External Mess)

The darks were clever and had many technological resources at their disposal. Examples?

Many, if not all of the politicians we see on the public stage are clones. Soulless beings designed to derail, delay, distract the inevitable ascension of the the human race, earth critters and Gaia herself. In more recent times, we see the bio-weapons and dirtier-than-ever politics being played out, and the fervent frenzy of mainstream media that fuel fire to the fear.

All of this is technology from the without.

Internal Technology (The Internal Mess)

Our physical bodies, and indeed the electromagnetic infrastructure of our energetic beings at many different levels, are works of technology also. Despite being a form of advanced technology, our bodies and the associated energetic technologies were all manifestations of a loving intent. “Natural” tech.

But again at some point the darks, with all their technical savvy, twisted this aspect of us to their agenda. Humans and indeed all the other living create-ures of this beautiful earth Gaia were subjected to their dark machinations.

Of the more obvious manifestations is the “programming” of our behavior. This manifests in many forms. The tendency to ‘overthink’ things instead of deciding what to do and just take action. Likewise, there is guilt. Survivor’s guilt for war veterans. Guilt for feeling good, when we know we are surrounded by people who are so unhappy. The psychological obstacle list goes on and on.

Near the base of all this is anger. Anger for being violated. Anger at knowing at some point we were forced to take on a bad or difficult hand of cards to play with in this game of life.

But behind even anger is the most base of all the lower emotions: fear. With few to no exceptions we are angry because we are afraid. Angry because we are afraid of being dealt the aforementioned bad hand. But we feel that anger because of fear. Fear of being ripped off, violated, or otherwise getting the short hand in life.

Dolores Cannon advises us to release fear and its associated karma:

What to do about the External Tech?

The External Technology is indeed being dealt with.

While it’s not obvious (thanks to the limited coverage on the fake news), in faraway offices lawyers and politicians are methodically creating laws that provide the backbone for justice to take place. More and more often in the news in recent years we see how many drug-related, human trafficking, and pedophilia-related sting operations have taken place.

There is also some work being done more close to home. If you feel you were meant to, do what you can to support the cleanup of this outside mess. Some people are helping out in a really obvious way, such as counseling others. Doing healing work. Or donning a soldier’s uniform and routing out the armies that still support the dark. We see these soldiers being trained for “asymmetric warfare” operations underground, where some darks continue to operate.

The above are just a few of many things being done to deal with the outside tech.

Even if you don’t participate on the outside, just knowing that these things are going on does help. There very fact that you know what’s going on holds power within itself. There will eventually be people you encounter at some point who will ask questions, and you will be prepared to answer with these outside examples, and with other facts that you know.

What to do about the Technology Within?

Once you know and accept the world outside for what it was, and know now that things are getting much better and quickly, then proceed with a peace of mind. The inner world may look like a mess, but it is no longer a battleground.

Proceed knowing you are safe now, safe to begin the long and rewarding journey of cleaning up the disarray within. And while this may seem daunting, keep in mind I said this would be a “rewarding journey”. Once you get underway and have a few victories under your belt, you will see how rewarding the exploration of the within can be. You will want more of it, and a growing inner momentum will develop to propel you onward.

Eventually your work will transform from a slogging cleanup operation into an adventure – a thrilling exploration of your beautiful heart and soul!

So, on to the inner tech part…

I mentioned there were many technologies directed at our bodies and energetic infrastructure within. I mentioned that the more obvious of these technologies was behavior manipulation. Cleaning this up may take years (as it does for most people) and will indeed occupy a part of your attention every day.

As a solution, some people choose meditation. Others (like myself) actively seek the help of remote healers to work some things out. “Group therapy” by associating with people with like-minded intent or issues may be a good start, but also keep in mind that this venue may become a distractingly social enterprise — and some healing is best left done alone.

What Beyond?

The inner work is never finished.

But you get to a point where you feel you’ve healed enough to share what you’re learned with others.

Maybe you won’t share in a conventional sense. But the resultant excess of energy you have is not only enough for yourself, it will be enough to help others too.

Your very presence, sitting in the power of your knowledge will be enough to activate those around you. You will not need speak a word, not need do anything, nor outwardly try to convince people of what you know is the truth. Your innate power will be seen, heard, and felt intuitively by others. And this will be enough to activate those you love and the many people whom you run across – even if interacting for a moment.

This is how powerful you are.

At this point, no darkness will be able to touch you.

While you still inhabit a physical body, you are free and the your adventure may begin in earnest!


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