You Start & End with Love Reply


I just spent the last two hours in this restaurant with a man who was stranded here in Taiwan. I just met him the moment I walked in the door. He said he needed someone to talk to. So… I listened to his story.

He had come several weeks ago to Taiwan from some business he was doing in Ho Chi Min (Vietnam). Like I said, he was stranded here in Taiwan, due to the virus.

He was born and raised in Belfast, Ireland, and had been raised in the worst of the incessant war, killing, bombings and terror that this city had ever seen. Since he was a kid, he worked in a pub his mom and dad had in Belfast, and he had seen all manner of character in that bar. It was a rough upbringing.

I sat for two hours listening to his various horror stories. He ended up crying in front of me, saying he missed his mum and da both, both who had passed on some years back due to cancer.

He looked up at my eyes and could speak no more.

I said, “I am honored that you would tell me your story. I know these are uncertain times, but know this now as something you can know for sure – something as solid as a stone”

“You have chosen LOVE. You loved your mum and da, and you love them still.

“I’ve told you a few times already that the world is changing greatly just now, and one of the things that’s changing is that’s it’s becoming less limited. If you want to, at the end of your day when you’re in your bed just before you close your eyes, talk to your mum and da, and tell them what you’re feeling, that you love them.

“I promise you. Some way, somehow, they will hear and answer you.”

He couldn’t handle it any more. He was so embarrassed to be crying in front of a complete stranger. He stood up and paid the bill, and before he went through the door, he came up to me and said,

“I don’t understand some of the strange things you’ve told me tonight, but I agree with you on this one:

“In the end, the only thing we have left is love.”

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