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Helios Journal™

  • Helios from the Greek word helios for “sun”.
    Related modern words: helium and helix.
  • journal (n.) –  from the Latin djurnalis “daily” and from Latin dies “day,” the root *dyeu- “to shine.” Related modern words: diurnal and journalism.

In an age when all the media of this world are in the throes of drastic transition, we find ourselves witnesses to an onslaught of sensationalism and drama unseen before in our planet’s history.  Our lives here are bombarded with endless distraction.  After enough exposure to this, we find ourselves unknowingly lulled into a sea of apathy or numbness. It was meant to be that way originally, but the times are indeed changing. The planet and her people, no longer asleep, are now awakening.

Helios Journal intends to provide a fresh breath of air.  Thought-provoking and sometimes controversial, Helios Journal seeks to provide some meaning amidst the chaos life throws our way. 

Helios Journal is home to a mix of meaning-full images and words loaded with the intent of a renewed awareness of the world surrounding us. These works include:

  • An “expanded” form of journalism comprised of a mix of “traditional” journalism with marked by an open-ended style from a personal point of view. 
  • Short commentary or essays
  • Artistic endeavors such as short prose or poetry
  • In short – a journal of its own kind

Welcome to Helios JournalA Search for Meaning Under the Sun™


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