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This comes from whom I consider a really trustworthy source.

Infinite Shift

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Moving on to “Star Nations News” Reply

Folks, over time things evolve, and so has Helios Journal™. It started off as a strictly photo blog that contained thousands of beautiful photographs of nature at her best. Then it evolved into the somewhat spiritual web portal, and then…

You see, spirituality, nature, beauty, love, awareness, knowledge and the wonder and appreciation of all things all fall now under the umbrella of this Great Oneness.

Don’t worry. The somewhat abstract nature of posts that Helios Journal™ has shared to date will continue,and so will the website (for now) but in a greatly expanded and unified form. And it will continue now at a new location. So..


Star Nations News ℠

I invite you to read the rationale to this change, and of course, subscribe to Star Nations News℠ by hitting the follow button.

What Now? Reply

What we are left with basically is to clean up the mess. If this cleanup were to be done all at once, it would be a profound shock for those still not quite awakened to the way things used to be. So, this will take some time. The good news is that things are speeding up big time. So… In what forms does the mess exist now? Basically two forms: External technology and internal technology. More…

Gaia Liberation News 2020-02-13 Reply

Below are two testimonials, a recounting of three friends who traveled outward seeking to help with the ongoing liberation of Gaia. One testimonial is from Lisa, the other was the collected additional details from me. Much of the work we do is in the abstract, as we are working on the unraveling of old-paradigm events that took place in the past, yet nevertheless appear to us as imagery.

All a loving work in progress. More…

We Will Be Educators in Quantum Fashion 1

The mentor started to explain that one way to interpret these changes was that it was all energy. She went on to explain that our bodies were made of 70% water, and thus the body is sensitive to external energy of all kinds. She explained the feelings the student was experiencing had to do with the ambient energy, the overall feeling of what the world has recently changed and turned into. More…

The World As We Know It Will Renew in 2020 Reply

Star Nations News℠


Know this: Nothing to fear. Changes will be challenging. But the results will be all good!

  • Day 1 in year will not be anything like what you see on Day 365. 
  • There will be a new US government, and MANY other changes affecting EVERYTHING!
  • Global disarmament – no nuclear war
  • Global social upheaval at how things were being run
  • Those who are ALREADY AWAKE, the transition will be easier.
  • These awakened will mentor those people who are having a hard time adjusting.
  • We will need to cooperate more than ever.

Remember: Nothing to fear. Changes will be challenging. But the results will be all good!

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The Law of Attraction is Quantum in Nature Reply

Star Nations News℠

At 33:25 she explains how one situation (the conversation she’s having with her father) attracts another (the bird outside her window).

Kryon (www.kryon.com) has explained in one of his recent recent videos (not linked here) that in Quantum Science there is the concept of “relevant values”. Where for example the number 4 is identified not by the quantity it represents, but by its relation to other numbers adjacent to it – “4” being greater than “3”, and less than “5”, etc.

The Law of Attraction is quantum in nature in the sense of the conversation the speaker in the linked video tells of – where the bird that appears is a “relevant value” manifestation of the story being told.

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Patent Published for ‘Shoebox-Size’ Fusion Device: Power for US Navy’s New Antigravity Spacecraft? Reply

Technology uses heavy hydrogen gas easily extracted from the ocean water to produce a surplus of energy upwards of the order of 1018 – enough to power a sizable city, or the US Navy’s existing antigravity spacecraft.

Star Nations News℠

Technology uses heavy hydrogen gas easily extracted from the ocean water to produce a surplus of energy upwards of the order of 1018 – enough to power a sizable city, or the US Navy’s existing antigravity spacecraft linked here:

Anti-Gravity US Navy Spacecraft using Mass Reduction & Non-Conventional Propulsion

Warning: This article presents information about a compact non-conventional fusion reactor that sounds like it comes from a high-tech Hollywood science fiction production. I suggest you first view the patent filing linked here to verify its credibility before proceeding.

Because the patent was published by the US Navy and is now under an “Pending” approval status, this is the real deal. This is NOT a work of fiction. This patent also seems to coincide as a possible power source for another US Navy patent – the antigravity spacecraft linked above.

The Short Story

The US Navy has…

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“Individual Consciousness & Infinite Consciousness are One” Reply

“The very mention of the Omnipotent One is the mention of a healing power… The greatest Miracles are wrought by looking toward the great Presence of Wisdom within. Different cultures may have different names for this Innate Intelligence– but it is the same Intelligence within us All and is the same Intelligence that connects us All as One. More…

New ET / Human Spacecraft Tech to be Disclosed 1

This is a report about a new spacecraft technology released recently as a cooperative effort between humans and ETs. More…

No, There Will Be No World War Reply

Unless you outright choose it as your reality, there will be no world war. While it may not seem obvious, there are A LOT of really good things going on this planet, for the good of everyone here. One thing that would help anyone would be to be discriminating in where one gets one’s information. Outlets like CNN, MSNBC, etc., are rife with outright lies or half-truths mixed in with whole untruths. This muddies one’s perception of reality, and this is exactly what they want – “they” being the authors of such disinformation and the masters they report to. More…

Healing of the Earth: Opening the Divine Masculine Solar Portal 4

A few days ago my friends Lisa (a wonderful remote healer), and Okicize Yuha Mani Win (“Tokahewin”, a Native American shaman or medicine woman) got together online for a spur-of-the-moment session to send “energetic love bombs” (a very concentrated form of healing) to specific people in our lives. When we finished, we were prompted to begin sending healing to the Earth, and for the next two hours we rallied our collective energies to heal various places on Gaia as we were so prompted. Here my somewhat detailed recounting of what we covered. More…

Soulless Beings – Clones & Cyborgs 3

While they are not necessarily any less intelligent, successful, or physically healthy as anyone else, they nevertheless show no indication of having any higher components to their consciousness. ut what exactly is missing in them? The answer is clear if we look at their common behaviors and qualities of consciousness. More…