The Eagle and the Old Paradigm of Perception 2

What was special about the last time I had seen the Eagle was that is was standing stationary – not flying. The Eagle longer flew, and now chose to stand, which marks the end of this creature’s in-flight era. A new-era milestone was seen that day on Gaia in June 2018. More…


The Task at Hand: Our Minds Reply

As time goes on now and as the actual number of darks left over in our world is reduced, remnant things like fear (of whatever) will be the result of the lingering programming in our minds. And its our job to eliminate all that.

The mind and our beliefs / programming will be the main task at hand.

Now some will say that the darks are actually all in our mind anyway.  And that’s absolutely true!  They did use our minds against us.  After all…

The mind as actually a foreign installation!

No matter what, this is all semantics now…

What I am saying is the battleground is indeed our mind. And we need to achieve our victory there now.

Twitching at Night or During Rest 2

So you go to bed at night. You lay down and start to rest. Then after a while various parts of your body start twitching, sometimes you feel tiny pinpricks here and there. No big deal. nothing to fear. When you go to sleep at night, you’re in the Healing Chambers.

The Notion of Radiation vs. Healing Reply

We’ve been brought up to believe that all forms of radiation are harmful to us. The elitist establishment suppresses knowledge about these energies, and would have you believe it’s all harmful. But actually some of these energies can assist us in unlocking our DNA, thus unleashing the healing suppressed within. More…

Victim Consciousness or New Level of Awareness? Reply

“Do not confuse victimization with that of being a victim. Victimization occurs when someone is targeted and has prevailed by not becoming reduced to being a perpetual victim as a result of the victimization experience. But a person who functions in the world as a victim is one who becomes the experience of victimization and as a result, chooses to perpetuate that story.”

Female Warrior - The Toltec Path

And now the battle continues, since we are trapped by the forces of this world. One part of us is fighting to disintegrate and die, while another tries to maintain life and awareness at any cost. There is no peace! A warrior realizes this, and uses it to his advantage. His goal continues to be that which inspired the spark of life that created him: Access to a new level of awareness. – Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

The world is being consumed at a rapid rate by a foreign, energetic line called “victim consciousness.” In my book there is a chapter entitled The Lineage where I write about the multiple lines of awareness that exist and how those that glow or shine the brightest aren’t necessarily the best ones to connect with. Rather, they glow brightly because of the amount of energy they receive. Here is an excerpt…

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