Recapitulate to Recapture Lost Energy 2

In one of my recent social media postings about the concept of “Recapitulation”, more than one person recently told me that one must not keep dwelling on past events. They even went so far as to say that “recapitulating” life events is actually harmful! Well, it’s more than mere remembering.

Since we are talking about personal improvement and spiritual development, a special definition of the word “recapitulation” is warranted. More…


Toltec, Nagualism and the confusion about lineages Reply

I think many of us know fairly well (at least through David Icke’s books) of how the darkness grew and evolved for thousands of years in Europe, Australia and in modern America. But what of pre-Columbian America before the Aztec, Maya, and Inca?

The writer of this essay sums up what was going on in what is now known as Mexico, and then shares about the lineage of warriors who broke off from the darkness to embrace source creativity, and who survived until these modern times.

Their ways were called the Toltec Path, and were shared with us in an earlier wave of light-warriors, one of whom was Carlos Castaneda, who later wrote books about the breakaway from the morbidity of the darkness. Castaneda is considered by many to be the father of the new age movement that started in the 1960s.

This essay describes the origins of the ancient (old and morbid) Toltec, and explains the importance of distinguishing them from the “new” Toltec seers of these modern times.

Freedom Artist

Recently there has been a frightening number of bandwagon effects surrounding these words.  These words are intense and loaded.  As a Toltec warrior and a person walking a path as a man of knowledge, it has come often to my attention that if it is said on Wikipedia and on some video on the internet it must be true.  If enough people pass that along then it becomes accepted as fact.  Clarifications are in order, and not from the internet, but from direct experience and connection to intent and hopefully well established lineages.  This bandwagon effect is exactly what occurred in the first century to the nagual Yeshua Ben Joseph though in context he would have never used the word nagual, rather “gnostic” or knower of spiritual pathways.

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Why Discuss the Difference between Hope and Expectation? Reply

If you expect something with the aim of improving your position, you are trying to get at something good. This is certainly reasonable. Everyone wants to improve their lives. But by outright expecting something, you may be unwittingly setting yourself up for disappointment if things don’t work out. In this light, expectation is not the ideal mode of operation. More…

Update on Antarctica 2

My friend and Reconnective Healing practitioner Henda provides her perspective as a supplement to the original dream I wrote about, having to do with some of the things going on in Antarctica. Apparently Antarctica is a hotbed of activity recently, with many crucial historical activities taking place there without us knowing about it (yet). More…

The Importance of Recapitulation Reply

Originally posted on Becoming Awareness:
Excerpt from Becoming Awareness: Earth. Energy. Evolution. Courtesy of Don Voss – RavenCircle Creations We have tons of energy, we are pure energy. If we choose to recall and revisit past occurrences, we are simply feeding them which ultimately makes those past occurrences stronger and more prevalent. Who wants to hold on to old energy? To do so weakens and prevents us from being in the moment within the continual evolutionary act of creation or co-creation. You must recapitulate. – Nayeli, Becoming Awareness Early one morning in late June, Nayeli…

Dreaming Bodywork: May the Sleeper Awaken… 1

This is body work as seen from a dream. Simply explained, and if done with proper intent, its purpose is to transfer the burgeoning intent of awakening from your body to another person who is interested in awakening or who is stuck in the process of awakening. It is a method you may try if you run across another person who thinks they are ready to be activated. More…

The Death Defiers 2

The men buried in the mountain trough were all buried in parallel battery fashion, like a string of batteries placed in series to compound their energy, which is exactly what these shamans were doing. All of them, every one, was still alive but buried, buried alive, in the mountaintop. More…

Beyond Any Notion of Carlos Castaneda 3

“Perhaps like many others, I find myself perplexed at the idea of writing anything about Carlos Castaneda. So much has been written about him already. So much that any attempt on a decent biography would be…” More…

Thanks to Earth 1

Earth, I have chosen to be with you here, now…
Because I love you.
I am bound to you, free.

You provided everything that was born
into my beloved mother’s body to live in this world.
And she in turn bore me from her/your womb.
And everything that I am, here… now…
All this me, this me-ness.. is actually…

A gift from You.

Thank you.

For all the times I have traversed this soil-crust that is your swollen fertile belly.
With the thought-maddened brow of an artist,
or the grace-glowing flushed red cheek of a carefree child,
For all the good and misdeeds passed from which I learned and experienced,
and all through which you supported me unfailingly
to this here and now Outcome,
this Sacred Space I now co-create with You…

I say now:

Have all of Our Parts come together.
mothers, fathers, siblings all,
two-and four-legged,
Love-lorn winged of the air,
and the bowing stems that wreath the valley
below wind-swept sentinel trees.

Take the filament of Love that we have grown and groomed so long…
And let me set it alight within my heart
as sheer awareness of you, Dear Earth,
so long neglected under my soles…

Let me cast all memory into the wind,
and set alight a remembrance of you when I first came forth
on that brilliant Dawn Before Time Ever Existed.
You there, ever holding up my lineage,
whilst I sit upon my ancestors’ shoulders…

Let me embody this filament
streaming from your core
coursing upward through this crystalline body,
shot into Infinity
to those other places…

Where I co-exist
as a mere pollen speck
on a butterfly’s nectar-yearning tongue…
or a as a distant star-sprite’s hope for peace
in a Place like this here…

Here, where we can share the Magnificence
of the everything that
you are I am we.

All entwined yet unfettered
soft whisper-bound
for the place your warm breath may blow us together…

Thank you, thank you Earth.

Lake George 1857 | John W. Casilear

Lake George 1857 | John W. Casilear

© 2016 John Helios / Helios Journal

Tomorrow Never Knows Reply

In spite of the tumultuous backdrop from which it sprang, “Tomorrow Never Knows” indeed extracts itself as a work of art. In the sense that both the word “work” and “art” essentially mean the same thing at their root, the song is a product of creativity risen from the hours-long effort put in at the music studio, and emerges again and again in these years passed as a beautiful gift of sound to listeners both young and old.

Beyond Carlos Castaneda’s Teachings: A New Book’s Perspective 2

Carlos Castaneda’s writings became a knowledge base for a discipline of awareness established by an ancient race called the Toltec. His seminal works started a movement (commonly known as the Toltec Path). While this movement is still very much alive and growing today, there are problems with Castaneda’s teachings today. “Becoming Awareness” helps to answer many questions… More…