Something Afoot in Antarctica? (updated) 3

The warming of ice in Antarctica is revealing a growing hill of possible evidence that there is more to this “wasteland” than we have been led to believe. More…


Dreaming Bodywork: May the Sleeper Awaken… 1

This is body work as seen from a dream. Simply explained, and if done with proper intent, its purpose is to transfer the burgeoning intent of awakening from your body to another person who is interested in awakening or who is stuck in the process of awakening. It is a method you may try if you run across another person who thinks they are ready to be activated. More…

The Death Defiers 1

The men buried in the mountain trough were all buried in parallel battery fashion, like a string of batteries placed in series to compound their energy, which is exactly what these shamans were doing. All of them, every one, was still alive but buried, buried alive, in the mountaintop. More…

Stalking, Dreaming, and Then Throwing It All Away 2

“Red and Blue Raven” by Toltec artist Don Voss at


One way to perceive things within the human perceptive framework is in terms of seeing energy emanating from the luminous “egg” of human awareness – as paraphrased from the mystic philosopher and Toltec shaman Carlos Castaneda:

  • “Dreamers” are able to shift the activated bundle of fibers of awareness in the form of an “assemblage point” to different positions in the human energy egg to different positions associated with certain worlds or experiences.
  • “Stalkers” (no, this has nothing to do with stalking people or things) are able to “stalk”, or fixate, the shifted energy perception. Stalkers are people who are able to stop the assemblage point from moving (as a result of the act of dreaming) in order to assemble entire worlds within the band of human perception,

From this point, an explorer could have a solidified real-m in which to explore.

(See the accompanying art depicting a human able to perceive a change in the world in which one is traveling in the form of a raven. Or… better yet… neither as human nor raven, but sheer perception itself.)

Both stalking and dreaming work hand in hand. One is worthless without the other. Where people are usually born with a mixture of stalking and dreaming abilities, the primary limitation here is in truly being within one’s sense of personal power, and the volume of energy we work with or develop.

“What we need to do to allow magic to get hold of us is to banish doubts from our minds. Once doubts are banished, anything is possible.”

– Carlos Castaneda – The Power of Silence)

Thus… Be a human being. Be within your personal power.

NOW… Take everything I have written here and throw it entirely in the trash, because the language I’ve used here is limited, the ideas they point to entail a limited perception and as beloved Dolores Cannon said:

“Perception is containment.” 

Nothing beats the actual experience…


(“Red and Blue Raven” by Toltec artist Don Voss at

Beyond Any Notion of Castaneda 3

Beyond Carlos Castaneda

“Perception is containment.”
– Dolores Cannon

Perhaps like many others, I find myself perplexed at the idea of writing anything about Carlos Castaneda. So much has been written about him already. So much that any attempt on a decent biography would be a mere regurgitation of what’s already out there.

For reference:

  • One of the best and most comprehensive articles about Castaneda is a 2007 article by Salon, written nearly ten years after his death.
  • A fairly good (albeit somewhat “Hollywood-ized”) BBC video about him resides on YouTube.
  • A really good long-read biography: The Teachings of Don Carlos

Instead of writing about the man, I think it’s best to eventually lead one’s attention away from this man, and rather focus (unfocus?) on what he was trying to have people understand as the ultimate endeavor: freedom.

Widespread Effect

All evidence makes it clear that Castaneda had a profound reach upon an entire generation.

Considered in recent decades by many as the founding father of the new age movement, , Castaneda’s writings have become a knowledge base for a discipline of awareness established by an ancient race of peoples called the Toltec, who lived in pre-Columbian South America. According to Castaneda, the teachings of these ancient people were passed on to him by his mentor Don Juan Matus, an enigmatic Yaqui Indian whom he met under fantastic circumstances.Read more about the modern application of the Toltec here.

Castaneda first established his audience during the cold-war era of the 1960s and 70s. While he continued to publish until his death in 1998, he wrote for a world that was greatly unaware to the problems that spiritual seekers face today. Any discussion of spirituality was a topic still fiercely administered by approved religious institutions. While alternative perspectives were offered by classic texts of ancient cultures (such as India’s Bhagavad Gita and the Vedas) were available, they were widely interpreted by readers of that time as allegorical stories. Official interpretation of classic texts were subject only to approval by established academic authorities.

With these ancient texts taken as mere allegory, it’s no wonder that many readers were disenchanted, as they imparted little to no practical knowledge for those seeking enlightenment. People of Castaneda’s era were justifiably pleased to find that he not only provided a modern take on spirituality, his later books clarified a discipline (sometimes known as the Toltec Path or Toltec Wisdom). This in turn helped spawn other practices such as Castaneda’s esoteric system of bodily movements called Tensegrity, whose desired effects included heightening one’s health, awareness, and overall sense of well-being.

The effect of Castaneda’s work went well beyond the English-speaking audience. Aside from those people who no doubt sought out Castaneda himself at the height of his popularity, Mexico and other parts of South America were inundated with people seeking their own personal shamanic teacher; their own version of Don Juan Matus, Castaneda’s enigmatic Yaqui Indian mentor.

Obsessed with the Story

In the years that followed after his works were translated, the ripples of Castaneda’s message spread even further throughout the globe. Shamanic groups have been founded overseas, claiming to be the official regional adherents of the Toltec tradition. This author remembers some years ago seeing a website originating from Germany, bearing a mystical name, and attesting to be the official webpage of a Toltec group – likening itself to the mystical Toltec group of which Castaneda had been a part.

The site had a main page defining what Toltec meant, how the group was directly connected with Castaneda, and then had link pages going to each of the Toltec group’s members’ page. Each page bore the name of the person as they were know to others in “normal” life, and then bore their “abstract” name as a Toltec warrior. As further detail, each person then had a label that likened themselves to the various “positions” (“female dreamer of the East”) of warrior-hood that each person occupied, formulaicly corresponding to each of the abstract warrior positions of Castaneda’s mentor’s group. Another page described the group’s recent accomplishments and stories.

What was sad to see was that the group and its members had been “accredited” by a regional authority in Toltec wisdom. This need to “belong” to a larger groups completely misses one of the main precepts that Carlos Castaneda’s mentor, Don Juan Matus, taught Carlos. Namely…

average man

Obsessed with the Man

While he was certainly an amenable character, the man himself and the mystical group of people with whom he eventually associated himself were a tight-knit group. Because Castaneda wrote about powerful, life-changing concepts, no doubt people sought membership in this group for various reasons. He was sought after by many people.

At least one couple who sought a close association with him, and who were later rejected, became wholly disenchanted with the man and the concepts he posed to humanity. Eventually they even went so far as to video record the group’s comings and goings from his home in California. They even began sifting through his garbage in a desperate attempt to understand the man, perhaps even to become closer with him.

While forensic and anthropological garbage sifting have become recognized forms of social studies, in this couple’s case such activity qualifies as neither, based upon the intent of the values which Castaneda shared. What Carlos was attempting to have his audience learn was to detach oneself from one’s fellow human, to become an extra-ordinary person (a warrior), and intend as Don Juan said: to link oneself to the limitlessness of Infinity.

The link was not meant to be with one man, or even the manic myth of the man, but with Infinity.

A Modern Application of the Teaching

While the man himself and his stories were fantastically inspiring, and served to shift the lives of many people, since his death in 1998 Castaneda has left a gaping hole in the “new age” and other modern spiritual movements. However, after a long and restive era between the appearance of his last book, a more modern application of Castaneda’s work has appeared in the form of the new book Becoming Awareness: Earth. Energy. Evolution by Voss, which I have written about here.

What’s wonder-full about this book is that it does not at all serve as a reinterpretation of Castaneda’s past work. Rather, it discusses modern issues such as the the intentional disruption of humanity’s natural connection with the Earth through wholesale destruction of the environment, GMO foods, fracking, social conditioning and other issues.

But perhaps Lorraine’s book embodies a most important teaching exactly: to stop being so enthralled, distracted by, enslaved by other people, their systems, their stories, even the very notion of all these – and to hook oneself instead directly to earth and thus infinity – the abstract light to freedom.

It is like a finger pointing away to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.

– Bruce Lee

Thanks to Earth 1

Earth, I have chosen to be with you here, now…
Because I love you.
I am bound to you, free.

You provided everything that was born
into my beloved mother’s body to live in this world.
And she in turn bore me from her/your womb.
And everything that I am, here… now…
All this me, this me-ness.. is actually…

A gift from You.

Thank you.

For all the times I have traversed this soil-crust that is your swollen fertile belly.
With the thought-maddened brow of an artist,
or the grace-glowing flushed red cheek of a carefree child,
For all the good and misdeeds passed from which I learned and experienced,
and all through which you supported me unfailingly
to this here and now Outcome,
this Sacred Space I now co-create with You…

I say now:

Have all of Our Parts come together.
mothers, fathers, siblings all,
two-and four-legged,
Love-lorn winged of the air,
and the bowing stems that wreath the valley
below wind-swept sentinel trees.

Take the filament of Love that we have grown and groomed so long…
And let me set it alight within my heart
as sheer awareness of you, Dear Earth,
so long neglected under my soles…

Let me cast all memory into the wind,
and set alight a remembrance of you when I first came forth
on that brilliant Dawn Before Time Ever Existed.
You there, ever holding up my lineage,
whilst I sit upon my ancestors’ shoulders…

Let me embody this filament
streaming from your core
coursing upward through this crystalline body,
shot into Infinity
to those other places…

Where I co-exist
as a mere pollen speck
on a butterfly’s nectar-yearning tongue…
or a as a distant star-sprite’s hope for peace
in a Place like this here…

Here, where we can share the Magnificence
of the everything that
you are I am we.

All entwined yet unfettered
soft whisper-bound
for the place your warm breath may blow us together…

Thank you, thank you Earth.

Lake George 1857 | John W. Casilear

Lake George 1857 | John W. Casilear

© 2016 John Helios / Helios Journal

Tomorrow Never Knows Reply

In spite of the tumultuous backdrop from which it sprang, “Tomorrow Never Knows” indeed extracts itself as a work of art. In the sense that both the word “work” and “art” essentially mean the same thing at their root, the song is a product of creativity risen from the hours-long effort put in at the music studio, and emerges again and again in these years passed as a beautiful gift of sound to listeners both young and old.

Beyond Carlos Castaneda’s Teachings: A New Book’s Perspective 2

Carlos Castaneda’s writings became a knowledge base for a discipline of awareness established by an ancient race called the Toltec. His seminal works started a movement (commonly known as the Toltec Path). While this movement is still very much alive and growing today, there are problems with Castaneda’s teachings today. “Becoming Awareness” helps to answer many questions… More…

Praise for “Becoming Awareness” Reply

Rare is the book that comes along that is both a pleasure to read, as well as serves as a treasure trove of insightful knowledge into personal and spiritual growth. Lorraine Voss’s Becoming Awareness is one such book.