Moving on to “Star Nations News” Reply

Folks, over time things evolve, and so has Helios Journal™. It started off as a strictly photo blog that contained thousands of beautiful photographs of nature at her best. Then it evolved into the somewhat spiritual web portal, and then…

You see, spirituality, nature, beauty, love, awareness, knowledge and the wonder and appreciation of all things all fall now under the umbrella of this Great Oneness.

Don’t worry. The somewhat abstract nature of posts that Helios Journal™ has shared to date will continue,and so will the website (for now) but in a greatly expanded and unified form. And it will continue now at a new location. So..


Star Nations News ℠

I invite you to read the rationale to this change, and of course, subscribe to Star Nations News℠ by hitting the follow button.

No, There Will Be No World War Reply

Unless you outright choose it as your reality, there will be no world war. While it may not seem obvious, there are A LOT of really good things going on this planet, for the good of everyone here. One thing that would help anyone would be to be discriminating in where one gets one’s information. Outlets like CNN, MSNBC, etc., are rife with outright lies or half-truths mixed in with whole untruths. This muddies one’s perception of reality, and this is exactly what they want – “they” being the authors of such disinformation and the masters they report to. More…