William Tompkins

Caution when using William Tompkins book “Selected by Extraterrestrials…” 2

“When discussing the existence of and the details regarding what is collectively called the “Secret Space Program” (SSP), I strongly suggest NOT having a newbie read Tompkins’ book. Here’s why…” More…


Asteroid Oumuamua is an Ancient Mayan Spacecraft 5

Some ancestors explain that “asteroid” Oumuamua was actually a Mayan breakaway civilization spacecraft, created by the Mayans who left before the darkness of the last cycle enveloped the planet. Some discussion of the cliff dwellers of Arizona, and an ancient food cache Helios found years ago on a hiking trip in southern Arizona, adjacent to Mexico. More…

History of the Cabal – The Long Version Reply

I ran across this lengthy missive on Facebook from Dan Willis, a man claiming to be an insider on the goings-on within the elite AKA the cabal AKA the Illuminati AKA the black hats AKA “the darks”.  Bear in mind what he says here has to do mostly with recent cabal history, and does not speak to the many atrocities of the cabal’s older and even ancient history.

Dan’s message below lends many details to a reality he claims to have seen, a reality that is further corroborated every day by a growing list of ex-government and military insiders whose testimony bear the same message:

There is much we haven’t been told.  More…