Planet-Sized Ships Regulating the Incoming Energies Reply

So, then a few days later I was doing something really mundane – like chowing down on my breakfast – when suddenly I saw a scene from a very high-up eagle’s eye view: It was a string of huge pure white ships spanned across a long stretch of the Milky Way Galaxy. They were in a line, but not a straight line. Rather, they were staggered in intentionally alternating positions. Upon seeing this, I knew immediately there was some kind of scientifically-backed reason to their arrangement. And then… More…


History of the Cabal – The Long Version Reply

I ran across this lengthy missive on Facebook from Dan Willis, a man claiming to be an insider on the goings-on within the elite AKA the cabal AKA the Illuminati AKA the black hats AKA “the darks”.  Bear in mind what he says here has to do mostly with recent cabal history, and does not speak to the many atrocities of the cabal’s older and even ancient history.

Dan’s message below lends many details to a reality he claims to have seen, a reality that is further corroborated every day by a growing list of ex-government and military insiders whose testimony bear the same message:

There is much we haven’t been told.  More…